JT Who?

The Other Jess Tuck is a Melbourne based blog, with an aim to entertain as well as show off the culinary delights, events and lifestyle of this beautiful city…with a bit of travel thrown in for balance.


Jess is the Junior Vice President of the blog as well as the sole employee. After moving to Melbourne around 5 years ago from Sydney, this lycra clad cyclist started the blog to embrace her portion control issues and love of all things edible.

Jess owns a dramatic puggle with her ginger husband, who often features of the blog.

She fell in love with Chin Chin on her first visit and proceeded to visit 27497853 times in their first few months of opening. She isn’t a big fan of dumprings, believes Mamasita is overrated and has a love of bacon and all things donut.

Check out the ‘Let’s talk‘ page to get in contact.

JP x

4 thoughts on “JT Who?

  1. Looooooove the blooogy blog JP! Found so many cool new places to go in melbs 🍔🍕🍟🍨🍷🍵🍓

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