Time to say goodbye.

Well that sounded quite dramatic didn’t it! Let’s try something lighter……It’s the final countdownnn, doo doo doo, doo do do do dooo do do do doo (and lot’s more dos).

My loyal people/mum, as I mentioned on the gram of Insta, this is my final note as ‘The Other Jess Tuck’. I have had the blog for about 5 years now and I believe it is time to release it into the wild, fly little birdy!

I started the blog (as JP & Melbs) soon after I moved to Melbourne. I wanted to learn more about this spectacular city, its hidden gems and all the food from A to Z and hopefully entertain you along way. Over the years I’ve fallen head over heels for this city and in turn, with a pretty special red head who I now call my husband and a little dramatic Puggle, named Maxie.

I have been #blessed (never used that hashtag before, first time for everything!) to be able to frequent Melbourne’s best spots, some not so great, and some I would like to set up a permanent camp in.

With work ramping up, life getting busier and my attachment to my iPhone becoming concerning, I have decided to close this chapter and therefore shut down the site as well as the @theotherjesstuck Insta. I contemplated keeping the socials but I started this as an outlet for my writing and I never thought I could be just an ‘instafoodie’. Nothing against you folk by the way! You bring the #foodporn to the masses which I will definitely appreciate more and more as I step back.

I can’t thank you enough for reading my rambles and supporting my ever increasing portion control issues. I solemnly swear that I will continue to eat beyond my means and my waistline and if you feel your life isn’t complete without me, follow @jesstucky on Instagram.

There are a many legends in particular that have been the greatest humans to meet, share a vino (or seven) with, learn from, steal food from, have a laugh with and I know we will be buddies for years to come! If you’re after more rambles, a good feed, a brilliant drop of vino, a new insta obsession or just want to fill the HUGE gaping hole that I will leave in your life (that’s right, HUGE), a few of my favourites are @secondhelping, @littlemissmelbourne, @olivesundays,… ah there’s too many to name, the choice is yours!


Yes, yes, I’ll go soon, I just want to add a VERY special thanks and shout out to….

Lisa Holmen

All around best human ever, my partner in crime, amazing photography and writing that will make you feel like you were there.

@lisaeatsworld and www.lisaeatsworld.com


Tom and Sheena Southam

Aka the cutest couple ever travelling the world with a smile constantly plastered on their mugs.

@chasingaplate and www.chasingaplate.com


Barnie & the fantastic team at the Grand Richmond

Fueling my obsession with bombaloni for years to come. Can’t get enough.

@grandrichmond and www.grandrichmond.com.au


PK & the amazing team at Pure South Dining

Provided me with brilliant recommendations for Tassie, and always serving fantastic Tasmanian feasting with perfect service to boot.

@puresouthdining and www.puresouth.com.au


And special mention to Jessica Williams, Ben Yoffa, Darren and the terrific team at Tarrawarra, , the PR teams for all their support, all my family and buddies who commented and liked and hashtagged to get my name out there for me, and last but not least my Husbo, AT, who has accepted that at times, I pay my phone more attention than him and he was completely ok accepting of it, even though that is so very bad! You are the greatest and I will finally allow you to choose what you want to eat, even if it won’t look good in a photo or is the same dish as mine, AND you don’t have to wait while I take 2439058 photos of everything you eat. Welcome to the land of hot food and rainbows, big fella.



Wishing you lots of love, cuddles and bacon,

JT. xx


5 thoughts on “Time to say goodbye.

  1. Best of luck for the future Jess, I will for one will miss you. And well done for writing a farewell post and closing the site down. So many bloggers don’t and their last post is three years old.
    Will you still be on Twitter?

    1. Aw thanks Em! Much love.
      Nah I think I will be shutting that one down too. Clean breakup. I will still post through @jesstucky on Insta so jump onto that for a JT fix haha. Thanks so much for your support! xx

  2. You have inspired me to be the chef I am today. Love your work and will miss the rambles for sure.
    Lots of luv

  3. Ummmm, TEAR 😢 but also YAY 😄🎉 because we got to meet each other and have loads of laughs and tonnes of drool worthy food together. You are the best, thanks so much for the shout out, we ❤️️ you!

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