Coming out of Left Field.



These guys need an intro like a freakin’ Spielberg saga. Their rap sheet is up there with the best and the hoards know it, so if you’re going, go early.

(Pretend this is in that deep American movie voice…) From the team that brought you Tall Timber and Shortstraw, here comes Left Field. Yes they landed a while ago but hey, when you hit a home run, why not write about it.

Chef Ryan Lording is just slaying the Melbourne market as many Tall Timber regulars would attest to and he brings his health with a side of donuts to the Left Field realm.




I’ve ventured to Left Field a few times now and every time it’s swarming with the lycra clad folk who either have just worked out, are heading to their workout, or have no intention of working out but realise the sheer fact that lycra is damn comfy, and stretchy, for those who enjoy breakfast and breakfast dessert. Yep that’s a thing.

Whether you go at 10am on a Saturday or 2pm on a Thursday, the place is always packed so be prepared to wait. But hey, you can grab a takeaway cawfee, relax and get an early start on your people watching sesh.

On my first visit to Left Field, the team just smashed the service outta the ball park. Even though they are under the pump, you’ll always get a smile and a chat. So kudos to you, guys. The space is a ‘grammers dream, with a light, airy space making those colours on the plate pop. I know that sounds wanky, but look at that bircher. I reckon that pear could be seen from space. SO pretty.




As per usual on my first visit anywhere, I had food envy and meal decision issues so, yep, I ordered two dishes. I could have said my friend was coming and I was ordering for them and then slowly eat ‘their’ food and say they got held up….but I am a proud double orderer. I am JT and I have severe portion control issues.

Now in the past year I have developed a rather ridiculous love for the humble cauliflower. My early memories of cauliflower centre around mum’s cauliflower soup. Mm you can tell me it’s delicious all you like, but the fact is, it smells like farts. There I said it.




So when I saw it popping up on menus all over I thought hey, it has to have more flavours than fart soup. And that was the start of my obsession with Cauli. That’s what I call her now. We’re buddies.

Left Field gives Cauli a lot of love in a few different dishes and when it’s mixed with middle eastern flavours, lamb and a good dollop of house made hommus, you know you’re on a good thing. Definite big brekky, brunch material. Hangover or no hangover, these beast delivers the goods.

Super cute takeaway cups too. Yes that should definitely be part of the criteria for choosing a breakfast spot. You know once you have that smooth caffeinated elixir, you’re going to one another one.

I think these guys will be playing in the big leagues for many years to come and I look forward to demolishing the rest of the menu soon.

(P.s. I think that’s about 7 baseball analogies. Batter up. I’ve got all day)

Left Field is a home run.

(…and that’s 8.)


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