That’s amore.

Italian food is my vice. Along with bacon, donuts, banana paddle pops, cheese, cheese and cheese. Ok I love food. I know it, you know it. So where do I go for a food fix with all the trimmings? Cecconi’s, of course.

The friendly staff are always on hand to provide recommendations for those of us who can never choose. I always find I am choosing between two completely different dishes, making the assistance even more paramount. Yet the staff always seem to provide a brilliant reason to choose one over another. I am still waiting to ask that question and get a response like the taco ad…..


This stunner of a Melbourne institution has been on the Melbourne scene for 10 years now and always produces amazing dishes that everyone can’t resist going back for. I ventured in for dinner recently with husbo on a date night. Even though it was the middle of the week, the atmosphere was, as always, lively yet intimate and the service was impeccable. There are few restaurants in the CBD that could top the Cecconi’s experience.


If I could spend my days sipping Aperol Spritz and eating canapes, I would be one happy chicken. The arancini at Cecconi’s is like no other. You must try. Soon.




Pasta is obviously the specialty of Cecconi’s and the dishes we sampled on date night were no exception. The seafood cooked with the fettuccine was just diviiiine as was the ravioli. Husbo’s favourite is always the veal cotoletta, a.k.a a damn fancy schnitty. When they’re accompanied by THRICE cooked chips, you know the Cecconi’s team are pretty close to heaven-status.

Now I am definitely the one in the group that usually orders the cheese for the dessert. Yep, I’m that person. But hey, when there is any form of donut on the menu, I have tunnel vision. Especially when it is the cloud like texture of a bombolone that is in my sights.




Husbo and I enjoyed delectable desserts and there was no sharing. Well he shared, I didn’t. He knew when he married me that this would be the deal.

A perfect venue for date night and one I recommend to all.

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