Seven Thousand by PSD.


I’ve got exactly seven thousand reasons for you to visit Southbank at the moment. And now I feel the need to sing 99 problems. If you havin’ food problems I feel bad for you, son. I got 99 problems but gluten ain’t one. Ha I could sing that to my mumma. Or my sister. Or any of those poor coeliacs. Thank gawd I didn’t get that spanner. Aaaand we’re back. Where were we? Southbank. Yes. Yes you potentially have to run the gauntlet of bike vs human, but I promise, there’s a gem in there that’s worth it.


They’re confused about my tangents too.


We all know about Pure South Dining. Let’s just refer to it as PSD so my word count doesn’t go through the roof. PSD sounds like some form of drug, and for me, it is. That food. Ah sound those angels. PSD has long been the beacon of brilliance over the ‘Ponyfish’ bridge. Well it’s currently a construction site, making way for Pure South 2.0. A food haven set over two levels. So where does one go if they want to taste Tasmania from the comfort of our most liveable city whilst PSD is under work? 7000, my friends. 7000.



Owners Philip Kennedy and Peter Leary obviously wanted to keep the cogs in motion whilst their baby was growing, so have opened 7000 in the Southgate precinct as their test kitchen. Level 2, all the way to left and up the stairs. My left, not yours. Maybe look it up. But it’s there, and it’s awesome. I’ve been twice recently and can’t fault the place.

For over ten years, Philip & Peter have worked to bring terrific Tasmanian produce to our fine shores and they have done a spectacular job at that. So good in fact, I was convinced to head to Tassie asap and have booked a trip for this November.


With head chef David Hall at the helm, accompanied by his right hand man Sam Prance-Smith, 7000 is bringing out some absolutely belters and I can now officially say I have tried the ENTIRE menu bar 2 dishes and it will rock your socks off.


PSD and 7000 pride themselves on sustainability and ethical eating and this is evident in every dish that is presented to patrons. What I found was although the food presented is rather technical, it is presented in a welcoming way that delights all levels of senses. Colour, bang. Smell, Kapow. Taste, BOOM.



One thing that just stands out like The Neck at Bruny Island (Tassie reference, ha well done JT) is the amazing, impeccable service offered to guests of 7000 and PSD. Many of the staff have been with PSD since its inception and their dedication to the cause is evident and so appreciated. It sounds so corny but the team at PSD are a family of sorts and share a united view on how a restaurant should present itself in every element.




There were so many stand out dishes during our visit but the fried chicken wing stuffed with raclette, a part of the ‘Chicken Caesar’, was just phenomenal. As was the beef tartare, the octopus, and the recently acclaimed scallops and sea herbs (freshly foraged). Bravo, team.



Look at that sugar goodness. I always remember having an Affogato at Pure South many years ago on my first visit to Pure South. I had ventured there for a catchup with my dad who was visiting. We stayed for hours catching up over many many dishes and multiple wines and the waiter just let us be and enjoy the experience. The service was as superb as it was the other day when I ventured there with Husbo. This team know service, they know how to give a hug through food and I’ll be visiting many MANY more times over. Insert clapping emoji here. PSD, I think I’m addicted to you.


Pure South Dining Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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