+39 aka PIZZA.

Food, glorious food. I swear this city keeps on giving and yet we all have our staples that we return to like a warm cuddle in the middle of winter time. Enter, +39. I’ve ventured here many a time over the years and really have never been disappointed. Solid Italian fare, upbeat service and the atmosphere is always pumping. A great spot for a lively date night or a meal with friends before hitting the town.


Admittedly in my ‘old’ age, I can’t remember the last time I hit the town. I usually end up going out and eating for 459830 people and then attempt to roll myself home in a food coma. Oh, life, you’re swell. You’re not going to be disappointed at +39, unless you get there too late! So make sure to book a table or plan for an early dinner.


I’ve always said I believe I am an honorary Italian. Unfortunately I wasn’t born with a nonna’s cooking skill or that gorgeous olive Italian skin, however I can definitely eat like an Italian and am of the belief that any meal should have at least 4 courses. Yes, even breakfast.


When visiting with husbo a few weeks ago on a Friday night, the place was pumping and the smell would draw a crowd on its own. I was keen for a pizza that night and they delivered in spades as always. But first, let’s get to the starters. Because hey, you can’t go straight to the pizza, you have to warm up the tummy first. Pretty sure Joey Tribbiani taught me that.


IMG_6869Doesn’t he look handsome…

We started with arancini, focaccia semplice and ‘Lo Stendino’ and if you want theatrics, then that is the dish for you. As +39 highlights, in Italia cured meats are aged by hanging over time, developing delicious flavour. +39 wanted to pay respect to this tradition through their ‘Lo Stendino’, hanging the meat in the way it was produced. So you pretty much get the world’s most delicious clothes line.




In my opinion, not much can beat the Diavola pizza, especially with an extra spike of chili infused oil. See? I’m definitely part Italian. The Diavola pizza called to me with its hot salame, chili, fior di latte and Italian tomato salsa. Mamma mia, can someone get me a Diavola, stat!




Husbo was in a pasta kinda mood and demolished the fettuccine alla marinara. Featuring black squid ink fettuccine, mussels, prawns, calamari, cherry tomatoes, chilli, garlic, white wine and a crayfish bisque. What a feast. It looked like a stunner as well.

Although the place was buzzing, service was still attentive and appreciated. Whether it’s a long Italian feast you’re after, or a quick pizza before a movie, +39 has you covered.



+39 Pizzeria Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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