Gonna keep on tryin’, Till I reach my Highest Ground. And I think they have.

It’s impossible to walk into Higher Ground and not;

a) stare at the absolute heaven of an interior that is before you. Wowser.
b) start singing Stevie Wonder’s classic or changing into the big jam the Chili Peppers created.
c) want to eat everything that lands on every table around you. And trust me, there are ALOT of tables.

So I’ve been to both Kettle Black and Top Paddock once and was impressed. Although yes, at both places I had to wait 30+ mins for breakfast and that’s not for everyone. And yes, Higher Ground is the same re the wait time. Especially as it has just opened and people are going crazy for it like a group of kids finding JigglyPuff. Pretty sure that’s a Pokemon. If it’s not then that’s a bit awkward and we will move on casually.

I ventured here with Cmac for lunch and we had to wait 15 minutes, but the food was well worth it. As was the interior. My photos would not do the place justice, so even if you’re not keen to wait around for the deliciousness, grab a coffee and stick your head in because all Melbourne cafes should take note. This is how you dominate. This interior is the Beyonce of the food world. Ok coffees now let’s get in formation.




Mushroom lovers take note. This one is for you. And I am one of you so I did get a large amount of food envy when the roasted and pickled seasonal ‘shrooms hit the table in front of Cmac. It looked amazing and the smell was awesome. On top of the magnificent mushrooms, the dish came with soft polenta with a hazelnut and sourdough crumble. BOOM. That’s how you show off the ‘shroom.




When we visited HG I was taking part in Dry July. But I thought I’d change it up a bit and add a few more items to the ‘no go’ list. So I completed July without alcohol, coffee, donuts, chocolate or my true love, bacon. So you can imagine my disappointment when I saw a Bacon Sandwich on the menu and I was unable to indulge. I will definitely be back for that big boy. So when bacon was off the table, I was drawn to the greens, and I am so glad I went there.

This gorgeous plate of all the health was a kale salad of sorts, with cauliflower (YAS), miso, almond hummus, avocado, poached egg and salted seeds. Honestly, I was a tad underwhelmed when it hit the table. I thought it might be a bit dry and wasn’t sure there would be enough flavour. I took that back after the first bite. Amazing textures and that almond hummus and the soft poached egg were perfection. I also added the optional cured kingfish and it’s not really needed, but get it any because it is like finding Pikachu hiding behind JigglyPuff. Gotta catch ’em alllll.

Side note. I have absolutely no idea what I am talking about when I refer to any form of Pokemon. I do know that I have seen one guy walk straight into a pole in front of me whilst playing the game that’s swept the planet and I found it rather hilarious yet sad at the same time.




Big breath. Firstly, yes lunch dessert is a thing. Cmac disagreed but he is well aware of my portion control issues and agreed to partake in the new theme of eating lunch dessert. Enter, THE hotcake. I’d obviously seen the 2394730529 photos of  every angle of this hotcake covering Instagram since it’s inception at Top Paddock and I was honestly thinking, pfft, how can a pancake be that good?!

Well my friends, it is. It is THAT good. Firstly, look at it. It’s like a freakin’ masterpiece for the senses and it is packed full of gorgeous berries. What is not to love. The ricotta hotcake is a pillow of splendour and should be tried by anyone who has not been it’s presence as yet. I loved that it was packed with berries and the nuts and seeds were great as the textural element. Sorry for all the silly Masterchef words, but it’s true. It’s just swell. It is however, absolutely enormous, and if I’m saying that, then it must be freakin’ huge.

The fresh berries are brilliant, and the cream, well I personally don’t think it’s required but each to their own. So yes, go there, eat all the health of the kale and then wipe the health slate clean with the larger than life hotcake.

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