Just Juice.

A few weeks back, I had a bit of a brain fart and for some reason decided that food was overrated and I’d give a Juice Cleanse a go. See below for rambles and how I went.


I am currently undertaking a very dry July and have been banned from alcohol, coffee, chocolate, bacon and donuts. To throw a further spanner into the pile of spanners in the works, I somehow convinced myself to do another juice cleanse. This time we’ve doubled the dosage and I’ll be doing it for 2 days. No solids. Just juice. But Karmic Juice, not Just Juice. Karmic manage to make their juices and cleanses sound super appealing so I have actually been looking forward to seeing how this can help me. Don’t you worry donuts, you will still be my number one. I don’t think I’m going to turn into a kale loving, health nut anytime soon, but a good winter clean out can’t hurt right!?

Currently sipping on a Green Tea. Wishing it was my usual desk breakfast of 3…4…ok 5 Weet-Bix. How good are Weeties? Can’t get enough lately.


Trying to use ESP to will the juice to me. The awesome Karmic team offered to drop it at my office as I live in woop woop and I am (not so) patiently waiting for it….courier man needs a monster truck to get through the Melbs traffic and get my juice to me. Someone is eating a bacon sandwich. I can smell it. I want one.





First juice time! This excitement might wear off by Juice 16, but hey, I am keeping up the optimism for the time being….So first up we have Lemon Spice. The 6th spice girl. Maybe ginger spice was threatened by the tang of Lemon and that’s why she left. So many unanswered questions.

Wow tangents already, JP….Lemon Spice is an awesome kicker for the start of the day. Love me some cayenne pepper on just about anything and the lemon cayenne combo brings on a great tangy flavour for a good wake up call.




Need to cram a few in this morning! Onto Leafy Green. Admittedly never been a big fan of green juices and I will only eat kale when it’s roasted like a chippie, but this ain’t so bad. Big hit of kale when you first sip it, but it does taste really fresh and crisp. Good option for the morning. Noticed I have this again this arvo so will see how that goes. So far so good.


Red raw. The name reminds me of getting severely sunburnt. Ouch. Not the best memory, so we aren’t off to a great start here. Beetroot, Carrot, Celery & Lemon. The colour itself looks spectacular. Love it. Beetroot juice on the other hand….not sure I’m going to enjoy this.

(takes a big gulp with scrunched up face….that needs to be an emoji)

Ok so it’s not bad! Definitely like it better than leafy green. The beetroot flavour isn’t too overpowering and it’s all well balanced so I’ll enjoy this one. As a side note, I had to walk through the work kitchen to get to my juice. Someone had a cheese toastie. I wanted to tackle them for it. Admittedly not feeling hungry, but the smell of a cheese toastie…ahhhhh.




Okie dokie, now we’re talking! Sun Glow time. Need a bit of sun glow with this awful Melbourne weather at the moment! Capsicum, carrot ginger, celery and lemon. I eat capsicums like apples so I am super impressed with this one. Gorgeous colour too. I also just hit my 10000th bathroom visit for today.


Leafy Green back again. It’s growing on me, but it’s not something I would choose to drink by choice. Green juices, I just don’t get the fad. If it was mixed with some blood orange, pineapple, maybe some strawberries….then I’d probably really enjoy it. But I guess that goes against the whole ‘low fructose’ thing….


Bad move. Chewing a piece of gum. Chewing makes tummy think food is coming. Tummy is now growling at me in disbelief that there are still no solids today. Tummy and I usually have such a good relationship. This isn’t going to go down well when I have to break it to her that we aren’t having solids tomorrow either…

The day continued in that same sentiment but the juice continued to fill me up! I think after dinner I kind of accepted there would be no food for a while and just enjoyed the juices and the fact that my tummy was SUPER flat. I figured that wouldn’t last long after I reintroduced food but it was fun while it lasted.



Day 2 was a better day overall. My body seemed to be coping fine with the lack of solids thing and the juices admittedly became more enjoyable as I had more of them. Whereas I thought they would have the opposite effect. The Leafy Green which was probably my least favourite, was actually really tasty on Day 2 and I caught myself looking forward to the second one!




Karmic definitely have the marketing down pat with these bottles. Simple, and they let the colour pop. Check it out! They did look divine sitting in my fridge. Although they were sitting below a shelf that was holding a rather massive ribeye to be cooked a couple of days later, so my gaze did wander occasionally.




Naw look at that face. I was working from home on Day 2 of the cleanse as I really wasn’t sure how my body was going to react so I thought I would keep myself in an enclosed space in case the emotions went haywire. Although being at home meant I was closer to all the food so that probably wasn’t my best decision in hindsight. Willpower was on a record high that day.

I decided to sit outside Maxie (my dramatic puggle) and enjoy Red Raw in the (lack of) sunshine. He didn’t seem to enthused about the idea of lack of solids, and was very happy to hear that he was not required to partake in the task.

Soon it was the end of day 2 and I was enjoying the ‘dessert’ juice of Almond Chai, with cardamom, cloves, cinnamon and raw honey. This was delicious! I would have this on days I wasn’t cleansing as well. Great way to end the day and enough sweetness to assist in the avoidance of going to the cookie jar.


I was waiting to see how I would feel on the first morning after completing my cleanse. Second night, slept like the first, like a baby. Like a log. Like something that sleeps very, very well. The morning after the cleanse, I was absolutely full of energy and was bouncing around my boxing class as if I had had 25 coffees. I felt awesome. Honestly, truthfully, hand on my heart, I don’t think I have ever felt better. I didn’t feel bloated, or tired or cranky (which I was expecting). My punches unfortunately did not benefit from the cleanse and I still couldn’t knock over a feather, but I felt like I could take on Rocky.

So, the main question, would I do it again? Look, the evening of day 1 was rough. And I wasn’t sure I could manage another full day of liquids, but I did, quite easily. It was a great way to reset my bod and it was nice to see a bit of definition in my tummy instead of the usual little cover that it’s hidden behind. I reallllly noticed I did not want anything sweet, and even a fresh squeezed OJ was too sweet after just two days of the low fructose juices.

So yes, I think I would try it again. These were the nicest juices I have tried in that variety and I would recommend the Yin Yang cleanse to anyone keen to hit the reset button.