Punching above your weight? Take her on a date.

Ah JP. That was possibly the worst attempt at a tangent between your restaurant name and related theme. Ok work with me here. I wanted to talk about date night options whilst still linking in with Punch Lane’s name. So went with ‘punching above your weight’ as the common thread. Not my best work, but let’s just run with it for now.

I have written about the ever brilliant Martin and the Punch Lane crew before, but thought I would take the time to update the praise. Punch Lane is situated, wait for it, on Punch Lane (!) and has to be one of my favourite dining spots in Melbourne. Especially for those romantic date nights. The place screams cosy winter date night. All that mahogany. The lighting, the wall of wine, the service, and of course the fare. Yes it’s all spectacular.



Husbo and I ventured to Punch Lane for a mid week date night and the place was packed to the rafters. Buzzing with atmosphere yet intimate enough to accommodate those private date night dinners. I started with a gorgeous glass of Italian Prosecco and Husbo went for a Prickly Moses Otway Light. We had recently ventured down the Great Ocean Road and visited Prickly Moses so he was keen to try it again.

Throughout the night we were treated to some of the best service Melbourne has to offer. Jared, please take a bow. You had the perfect balance of care, attentiveness, humour, gah standing ovation for you alone. Punch Lane definitely choose very wisely when it comes to staff and it makes the experience so, so enjoyable.



It is SO hard to choose what to eat at a venue that does everything oh so well. I am a sucker for the charcuterie plate at Punch Lane and when you visit, you will find out why. I resisted tonight and decided on gorgeous plump  pan-roasted scallops that came with a chestnut puree, hazelnut and sesame salsa, chorizo and sage. They were cloud-like. The chestnut puree, which has been a huge staple on menus of late, was divine and I would have had a bowl of that. Husbo chose the charred mackerel w white anchovy yoghurt, salmon roe, pickled carrot & rye crisp. He thoroughly enjoyed it, although I am not sure he realised how small that little mackerel was going going to be. He has an appetite that would rival a sumo (like me) so he was keen for a big main. And that was delivered in spades.

He was drooling over his main of western Plains pork loin, roast baby carrots, port poached figs, pancetta and mustard leaf. I tried a smidgen (my allocation) and it was so moist. I have been loving b.sprouts of late and they were the perfect addition. I went with the special of the day, being the whole flounder and it, again, delivered. Always been a fan of flounder, especially the little yellow guy from the Little Mermaid.




Apologies for my shocking photography above, but I was so excited to eat my dessert, I didn’t even think to look at my quick snap. YUM. I definitely went into left field for my choice with this one as I would usually always choose the stunning selection of cheeses Punch Lane has on offer. However the caramelised brandy apple, nut crumble, rhubarb and vanilla bean ice-cream called to me. That apple was superb. Husbo had the crowd favourite, being an Affogato accompanied by Frangelico. What’s not to love!

Yet another fantastic evening courtesy of the ever brilliant Punch Lane. Ever since I moved to Melbourne this has been one of my favourite dining destinations, and this visit just cemented that fact. Compliments once again to Jared who was a fantastic waiter and the entire team.

So go on, call up your Mrs or your Mr and arrange a night on the town, with dinner at one of Melbourne’s finest institutions.


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