Sunday Mornin’ at Sardi.

I have a penguin crew. I know, you’re jealous. I mean, my crew isn’t actually comprised of penguins and we don’t wear penguin suits and two of the crew don’t really even like fish that much. But we love penguins and penguins find their mate and stick with them for life, and that’s what we did (cue nawwww) so we are the penguin crew. Enough of the strange tangent, all I wanted to say that a few weeks back, my penguin crew and I ventured to Sardi, Hawthorn.



I had never been prior to this visit and had wanted to go since it opened. Sardi has been through a couple of changes, but they are still serving up fantastic fare, at a good price whilst not comprising the quality. The entire menu really did sound awesome and it was very hard to pick a few to try. They are serving up everything from Acai to Banana bread French toast, Lychee & Coconut Hotcakes or Pea and Haloumi Fritters.




Yep, you could really just sit there all day and work your way through the menu. I intend on doing exactly that soon.

So, as I mentioned, I took my crew along. My penguin crew. Introducing EP, penguin 1, aka. Porridge/Granola/Muesli Maestro. True to her title, EP chose the 5 grain almond mylk porridge, complete with salted date apples and a pecan and date labneh. What a speel. She really enjoyed it, except it was a tad sweet for her palate. Huge serving too for those who love to indulge on those chilly mornings.




MP, Penguin 2, big breakfast believer. Sardi’s big brekky definitely delivered in spades. MP was served with eggies, bacon, mushrooms, spinach, avocado, and the rarely seen yet always appreciated cheese, saganaki. Mmmm. Saganaki. If you say it in the “oooh barracuda” voice it sounds eveeen better.




AT, Penguin 3, aka. Husbo, aka. My second breakfast choice. Gosh he’s good to me. He (I) ummed and ahhed as usual and settled on the brekky board. A bit of everything, why not, it’s Sunday. This came with granola parfait, a croissant with jam, pea and haloumi fritter and a poached egg. You also get a coffee included with this and for $17.50 I think that’s one of the best breakfast deals going around at the moment.




It was one of those Sunday mornings where we had all polished off epic kebabs about 4 hours prior and so I wasn’t really keen on a massive breakfast. So I thought, yeah, the mushroom ragout sounds like a plan. Welcome to cheese heaven.




Yes ok, so my plan to have something light backfired miserably and I wasn’t expecting so much cheese as it wasn’t really outlined in the description as well as it could have been, but oh lordy it was delicious. Super rich and oh so decadent but it had kale in it so it was also really good for you…right? A good whack of garlic with some poachies and I was in hog heaven. I would just suggest that Sardi change up the way it is written on the menu as it’s more a cheese fest than mushroom ragout. In saying that, the mushies were brilliant and cooked well.

The smoothies that are on offer also sounded scrumptious so MP & Husbo (Penguins 2 & 3 for those playing at home) ordered the Cacao kicker (almond milk, cacao, protein, peanut butter, banana, honey and goji berries) and the Manco (mango, coconut, coyo, LSA, rice malt syrup & passionfruit) . Very much a meal on their own but they were both very tasty.



As you can tell by the variety of food ordered, I think Sardi has a great balance between those lycra wearin’ ladies who love their acai to the big boys in the back who just want as much food as possible, with extra bacon.

Big fan and will be back to try the rest of the menu.


Sardi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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