Mr & Mrs Howell. A great couple.

Menu launches are like christmas presents from that beloved Aunt you only see on special occasions. Always welcome, yet surprising at the same time. Ok that was a shocking analogy but it’s Sunday night, so can you blame me? No. Ok so let’s get to why you’re here.

A few weeks back a very charming crew, including the likes of lovely Lisa from Lisa Eats World, awesome Ash from I’m so Hungree and marvelous Meg from Gram Magazine were invited to chow down at Mr & Mrs Howell to enjoy their new menu.

I’d wanted to visit the Howells (go with it) for a while and so snatched up this opportunity. I really like the atmosphere to start. The decor is pretty simple and date-like and the bar commands attention, as any bar should.



Lightbulb-porn. It’s a thing. 

We were unleashed on the drinks list and so cocktails were ordered and the skills of the bartenders were put on show. There was an array of drinks served and I went with my all time fave, the Negroni. This was one masssssive Negroni and unfortunately it didn’t come with one of those massive ice cubes, or any ice at all for that matter, so that’s prob something that needs a fixin’. But aside from that, it was rather potent and of course, enjoyable.

We were treated to various vinos throughout the night and I must applaud the team on their service and knowledge. It was great to see that teams still care for their clientele and want to ensure you are having the best experience whilst dining with them. No excuse for poor service and unfortunately a couple of places I have visited recently, really fell down with that. But Mr & Mrs Howell have it down pat. So here’s to you. I think I’m still drunk from that Negroni and we had dinner over 3 weeks ago…



I’d mentioned to a couple of the crew prior to the meal commencing that I believe charcuterie platters are my spirit animal. Ok it’s probably just antipasti and cheese in general, but I have always had a soft spot for charcuterie. Especially the one served at Punch Lane  (if you haven’t seen it, go and check it out). The Howell Charcuterie was delicious and I love a place that’s not afraid to throw both a terrine and pate on that bad boy. And they delivered. So once again, I raise my massive Negroni to you.

The food and wine was flowing and we were having a great night, discussing world issues such as how to use Snapchat (we’re old) and how face swapping is potentially the creepiest thing ever to hit the social media stratosphere. (I tried it with my dog. I couldn’t return to my phone for at least an hour…that’s like 11 years in bloglyf.)


Salmon rillettes w chives & pumpernickel bread

I have to admit, I’m not a fan of pumpernickel, so this one and I weren’t off to a great start. Although the texture of the bread wasn’t my scene, the salmon rillette was delicious.


Wild mushroom & fontina bruschetta

There is an abundance of mushrooms available at the moment, and these morsels showed them off perfectly. I have always been a fan of mushies done every which way and these were brilliant.


Moroccan spiced black trevally w yoghurt & lettuce


Buckwheat gnocchi w walnut pesto & Brussels sprouts

BUCKWHEAT. Gnocchi. It’s a thing and I think I prefer it to the regular version. And it’s buckwheat, which is healthy so that means you can eat as much as you want and it’s like you’re doing a triple BodyAttack class. Well, that’s how I am going to interpret it anyway.


Moroccan vegetable & chickpea tagine w labneh


Salmon Ceviche


Calamari stuffed w risotto, served w mussels & tomato broth

This huge serving of calamari and mussels was a portion size fit for me. The seafood was cooked really well and the mussels were just divine. I have had risotto stuffed calamari a couple of times now, and I really enjoy. The risotto in this calamari was limited in flavour but the perfect seafood was enough to make it a cracker.


CRISPY-AS skin barramundi w white beans, fennel & pollen

Is there anything better than crispy skinned fishies? Nope. There is not. This was fantastic and the group were raving about it for a while. The puree was a great accompaniment.


Pork schnitzel w coconut crust, jerk coleslaw & pineapple chutney

I love a good schnitzel. Admittedly, I don’t like Parmas (I know, I’m strange), but give me a good schnitzel any time any day. Pork is a perfect meat to use as it can remain so moist. This was a damn good schnitzel with a coconut crust. Wasn’t a fan of the pineapple chutney though. I’m one of those people who just don’t agree with pineapple being in warm dishes. Do not even think about making a pizza with pineapple on it and inviting me over. We won’t be friends after that.


Crispy duck leg w carrot purée, pickled daikon & asian jus 

This fella was probably the dish I was most looking forward to. I mean, it’s fried duck so it’s like KFC on steroids. Admittedly it wasn’t what I was expecting and I was a little disappointed but it worked well with the pickled daikon.


Brown ale pudding with salted caramel & cream


Apple Tarte Tatin with vanilla icecream

Yes, the tummy was well and truly in overdrive by the end of this meal. But of course, you have a separate stomach for dessert. The brown ale pudding exceeded my expectations ten fold. I’m not the biggest fan of salted caramel (I know, I’m strange again), but it worked so well with the pudding. Apple Tarte Tatin, well you can never go wrong with one of those. It was delicious pastry and was demolished by the group.

‘Twas a super delicious evening amongst great company. Looking forward to taking Husbo next time for a mid week date night. Perfect spot.

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