Lunar Lune.

Let’s go to Lune, she said. There will surely be a short queue the weekend after the New York Times calls them “the best croissant in the world”. Oh JP, didn’t play that one too well did you now. Oh well, with the ever wonderful Lisa Eat World by my side, we were ready to tackle that line and get us some tasty pastry.




…..Two hours and nine minutes later, we were inside Lune.

Mhm. That’s 129 minutes or 7740 seconds of standing, listening to various first world problems around us, discussing our own first world problems, and smelling the glorious baked goods that were just out of our grasp inside the glass lab of amazingness. Lisa also had the smarts to run around the corner and grab us some cawfee. Major opportunity for a little coffee cart in that laneway. Buy a coffee whilst waiting for coffee. Makes sense.



So let’s get to why you’re here. The 50% butter 50% pastry absolute glory that is a Lune croissant. After umming and ahhing for 2 hours and 9 minutes about which ones we would choose, choices were quite limited due to the hordes of people stocking up on whatever they could get their mits on.

I of course felt that numerous croissants were required, so I order a bunch of plain croissants and a bunch of almond croissants. I shouldn’t use the term ‘plain’ as these are anything but. These are the best croissants I have ever had. Hands down.

The layers, the heavenly smell, the BUTTER. Ah I’m drooling. They’re so fluffy yet decadent and if you haven’t been, go, now.


Don’t even bother reading my words, just stand back and admire that spectacular creation.

I have a love affair with multiple baked goods, and I hope donuts don’t think I am cheating on them, but I feel like the Lune Almond Croissant is my spirit animal and we belong together.



On the other side of the camera is a line of more than 100 people still waiting to experience the Lune glory. I felt like I could have started up the Lune black market to those starving critters in the back of the line.

Aside from the pastry, the service was brilliant on the morning we ventured there. The guys were seriously under the pump and were so chilled, chatting to everyone and just embracing the fact that they are winning at life at the moment. I could sit and watch the croissant-people work all day.


Heaven. Absolute freakin heaven. I want more.


Lune Croissanterie Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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