Trendy Tradesman.


Trendy. Hm. Not sure people say that term anymore, JPizzle, but let’s just roll with it. And not sure people say JPizzle, now or ever, so let’s just roll with that one too.

A while back, Husband and I were invited to sample the delights of the recently established Tradesman cafe in Moorabin. Driving along the warehouse filled street, I really thought I had provided incorrect directions (for me, a daily occurrence)  until we found the clean cut corner block belonging to the Tradie. Let’s face it, the nickname was going to drop sooner or later.

Owner and head chef, Raman, greeted us and explained how they are hoping to bring a new vibrancy to an area better known for its copper pipes than coffee people. Not my best but let’s keep moving. On a bluebird day, this cafe is a brilliant bright, refreshing space with minimal interiors. I really wasn’t sure what to expect with the food as the cafe’s insta had been primarily filled with various angles of the trending acai bowl.



The coffee served is Code Black and was really enjoyable. Another option, especially in the warmer months is a range of cold pressed juices and the orange was bang on.

The large menu catered for various taste buds and husbo was immediately drawn to The Tradesman. This big fella comes with free range eggies, bacon (GOOD bacon), home made potato rosti, pork chipolatas, roast tomato and relish on sourdough.



This was a big brekky that has outshone 99% of others that he has sampled/demolished. It’d probably be a close tie on the top with Touchwood’s attempt featuring a lamb chop. Everything on the plate looked superb and husband struggled to finish it. I repeat, he struggled to finish it. I think that’s the first time that has ever happened. Stop. the. presses………

And resume.

As usual there were about 38920 things I wanted to try and I changed my decision about 3980239 times. I feel like I am an announcing an award winner when I inform others of my menu decision. More deliberation probably went into my breakfast decision than the decision to give Leo the Academy Award (such a cutie).


The baked eggs were offered with a delicious sounding chili spiked green sauce, so that was what I ordered. Brilliant breakfast and who would have thunk it, there were pomegranates on the baked eggs and it was a perfect partnership. Just like Leo & Kate. And no, not sure what today’s fascination about Mr DiCaprio is all about. But hey, who doesn’t love their breakfast with a side of Gilbert Grape.

Being a cyclist, this would be a great spot for brunch on a Beach Rd ride, and that would also give you the excuse to eat more. Because I obviously don’t eat enough as it is….#portioncontrolissues.

I definitely recommend this spot, and yes, although we were invited to dine as guests of the Tradie, my thoughts/rambles/opinions are all the honest truth.

It’s a tricky spot to spot so keep an eye out and venture there soon.

JPizzle, out.


The Tradesman Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato




2 thoughts on “Trendy Tradesman.

  1. Oh, glad you liked it! It’s around the corner from our house and my husband got a takeaway coffee there a few weeks ago for five bucks, which he thought was a bit steep! I’ll have to show him these gorgeous food shots and tell him to give it another shot.

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