It’s Business (Doughnut) Time.

Anyone who has ever come within a 100km radius of me would know of my obsession with all things holey. Doughnuts, that is. I’ll try them all. From the raspberry filled bliss that we sampled one evening from a glorious Doughnut Van outside a game at Etihad to Shortstop to my ever favourite crème pastissier ball of heaven at Provence Artisan Bakers in Camberwell. Go there and be amazed.

And buy a dozen Portuguese tarts…because they’re awesome too.

So when I heard about a doughnut pop up hidden in Top Shop, I had a reason to finally venture into TopShop. Emporium version not Chapel. Enter, Doughnut time. Where you get to walk into TopShop and a perky sales assistant will ask if you need any help with sizes and you say “hmm what size are the doughnuts?” or perhaps “is that my size pre or post doughnut?”.

My workmates needed a sugar pick me up so I decided to purchase a box of 6 to take back to the office. Firstly, yes, somehow they made it back to the office without my interference. Secondly, BRILLIANT names. Gotta love creative doughnut names. Considering they are $6 a pop, you would assume that the creative names have been developed by a well-paid promo team.

After umming and ahhing as per usual, I went with a Love at First Bite (aka Nutella goodness), two of the Ferrero No Share (ha!..and because it’s a Ferrero…in a donut – insert the ermagherrrd emoji here), 2 x Slim Shady (please stand up) and the ‘healthy’ gluten free, vegan doughnut, You go Glen Coco, aka the Coconut glaze. Mmm.



Yes. They looked incredible and weighed a ton. I mean it, these are some heavy doughnuts. But they are still super fluffy and enjoyable. Must say though, these bad boys are very sweet. Even the plain glaze with the mini M&M’s on The Real Slim Shady was almost too much for me. I don’t think I could eat a whole one. I know, stop the presses.

If I had to pick a glazed, raised doughnut, Shortstop are still my pick in the CBD. But if you feel like a side of doughnuts with your dress/shoe/accessory purchase, give Doughnut Time a go. I doughnut think you will be disappointed.


Doughnut Time Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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