Uncommon love.

We need more cafes in Melbourne. Said no one ever. I am one of those people that will look at a menu for an hour, decide, and as soon as the waiter arrives, I’ll either,

  1. Want what she’s having
  2. Want husband to order something that I secretly want as well
  3. order 329048 things
  4. umm and ahh and eventually ask the waiter to choose for me.

So a plethora of cafes to choose from, really makes my Sunday mornings difficult. Oh yes, first world problems are here to stay.

Rambling over. Enter Uncommon. If you’ve got a friend coming to visit you and they want a real ‘Melbourne Breakfast experience’ (oh yeh, that’s a thing). Walk straight in here. The fitout, the service, the menu, the cold brew and all those amazing ferns (plant love) will have them in awe of your amazing life and breakfast opportunities.

Side note, I haven’t had a snack in about 12 minutes, so that would mean I am hungry and so you can blame these rambles and tangents on that.

That ‘healthy’ breakfast thing is usually supported by those wearing lycra is encouraged and you hear the murmurs of ‘I’m just going to finish my chia/acai/grain thing then I might go to bikram, or barre, or maybe I’ll just talk about the gym until it’s time for cocktails’.


But with Matt Kennedy at the helm, Uncommon provides a brilliant fresh take on this style of food and still throws in a brekky beef short rib for good measure. Yes they’ve got the Acai and their Granola but you’re going to find a lot of choices that are just going to make you want to try the whole damn menu. Trust me, you can bring your yogi or your carnivorous friend and they’re both going to love Uncommon.

Chef Kennedy (no relation to J.F….as far as I’m aware) has created a menu that looks as good as it tastes. I reckon there would be a few pairs of little food tweezers in that kitchen and I am totally ok with that. I ventured here a few weeks after it’s opening in December and it was already running like a well-oiled machine.

As I mentioned earlier, my indecisiveness was all over the shop so requested the assistance of the lovely top-knotted waiter in my decision. I realllly wanted to try the short rib, but the temperature outside was sitting around 59730 degrees, so I will save that bad boy for a cooler day.


What a stunner. I decided on the Market fish in coal oil, chickpea aioli, minted peas and broadbeans, 65 degree egg, coconut bacon and mustard nectar dressing. Yes that is the fanciest sounding breakfast I have ever ordered. I felt I needed to court it before I consumed it.

  1. Yes I primarily went with this dish because it had the word bacon in it. Then realised after ordering, this was in fact coconut bacon. Nevertheless, I stuck with my decision and it was terrific.
  2. The fish was Hapuka. Not to be confused with the ever amazing snow boarding destination of Hakuba. Ah best times everrrr. Until I fell down and cracked my coccyx. That’s a story for another day.
  3. 65 degree eggs are a poachie-lovers heaven on a plate. So much yolky goodness. Skills in that kitchen. Sk-ills.


My bacon loving breakfast partner in Crime, AB, went with (big breath) hand sliced salmon pastrami on pumpernickel (yes they make their own), soft herb scrambles, whipped honey, salted kernels and chili capers. Wowzer. This was a damn good looking dish and AB loved it. The house made pumpernickel looked epic. Such a wanky way to say it, but every element was just prepared so well.

Uncommon’s food is, you guessed it, a bit left field, not going to be found in every café, its uncommon. Duahh. Matt Kennedy has created a gem for our breakfast scene and will soon be creating delicious dinners as well. Drooling already.


The industry beans cold brew had raring to go as well. Ok I might have had two…three. There’s a great range of teas for those tea-lovers, a wattleseed chai which I will need to chai (ha…try/chai…) and a vanilla bean matcha latte for those who need to eat whatever is trending on twitter at the moment.

As we both never understand the meaning of being full/ordering too much, we knew breakfast dessert of course had to happen. We are both also those people that stare at everyone else’s meal as it goes past to judge whether we ordered correctly or whether we need to keep ordering other things. Yep, those people that just stop their conversation to inspect others’ meals. We know we do it, we know we may need to repeat the same conversation 7 times, but we are totally ok with that.

FullSizeRender (5)


I’ve never been a big fan of sweet breakfasts and would usually always choose the cheese platter (with all cheese options) instead of a sweet dessert, but these pikelets had my name all over them. Well they didn’t have a badge exactly, but I believe they could be renamed in my honour. JP’s Pikeys. Hm maybe not.

These crackers were 90% banana and flaxseed pikelets, accompanied with Yarra Valley strawberries, cherries, poached green pawpaw, pure maple and toasted milk. Yep think they spelt heaven incorrectly. Ermagherd. These were phenomenal. And what do you know, I’m writing this on Shrove/Pancake/Pikelet Tuesday. Which means it’s obviously a sign that you need to go and eat them. Now.

One of the best meals/’breakfast experiences’ that I have had. Awesome, friendly service, cracking décor and the food, the glorious food. Definitely worth the trip and the parking chaos. Just dream of JP’s pikeys and go test out the menu for yourself.


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