Mornington Peninsula.

You just have to love living in a spectacular country like ours. Incredible scenery, the cutest wildlife (and some that want to eat you), friendly folk and of course an array of mouth watering food, wines, ciders, spirits, you name it.

At this time of year, we are all heading back to the daily grind, and of course, planning our next holiday because, let’s face it, we all love to get away. Enter, Mornington Peninsula. The getaway that’s on your doorstep with so many opportunities to explore.

Late last year I was invited along to a spectacular garden party at the ever beautiful Botanic Gardens to enjoy what the Peninsula has to offer. Yep, tough gig, I know. On this particular day, in late November, I packed a leather jacket, sunglasses, an umbrella and ended up getting burnt. Oh, Melbs. We love you, but try keep it together.


On arrival, the lovely group that had gathered were greeted with a ‘Spiced Seaside’  cocktail. This tasty little treat was a concoction of Bass & Flinders gin, lime, star anise, fresh mint and cucumber. And yes ok, I took the shot from that angle as I was so in love with it I drank half of it before taking a photo. #badfoodie

The day was put on to show guests the amazing variety that the Mornington Peninsula offers. And it delivered. I think I went home that day and immediately started planning our next weekend trip to the beautiful area.

I like to think of myself as a professional grazer and therefore I was very much in my element at the garden party. Produce was brought in by Red Hill Bakery, Main Ridge dairy, Peninsula organics, Woolumbi Farm, Harts Farm, and my favourite, Red Hill Cheese. Anyone who reads this or follows the ‘gram would know I have a love for cheese that goes beyond regular food enjoyment. We’re involved. And I’m totally ok with that.


Side bar – take a look at the size of those strawberries! 




The antipasto table was probably where I spent most of time that afternoon. Who can say no to salumi from Woolumbi Farm? Especially when there are layers and layers of it in front of your eyes. Ahhh.



Under all my cheesey goodness love, I am a carnivore at heart and the day was filled with brilliantly bbq’d delights. There were even mini sausage sandwiches (yes ok, I’m from NSW, I refuse to call it sausage in bread). SO much iron splendour.

I had brilliant company on the day and loved that the ever gorgeous Lisa (Lisa Eats World) understood my portion control issues and my need to continually return to the cheese boards.



For those who prefer the splendour of the sea (under the sea, under the seaaa), there were terrific fish tacos as well as a whole baked snapper. That big boy would have been a treat to reel in.

One of my favourites of the day was the scrumptious white wine marinated mussels. The Mornington Peninsula is a treasure trove for seafood lovers, so I implore you to visit before I eat it all.


That’s not a chocolate mousse….THIS is a chocolate mousse.


We all have that other stomach reserved for dessert time. Hell, sometimes we all could have three courses of dessert. It’s just the way we’re programmed. So when two strapping young lads (geez I’m getting old) walk out with a crate-sized platter of chocolate mousse, two words, chick magnet. Our eyes were glued on the size of the mousse covered in brilliant strawberries from Sunny Ridge Strawberry Farm. I really just wanted to roll around in it. Imagine….


Not to be outdone, we were also treated to cloudy apple juice jelly with poached Red Hill cherries and honeycomb brittle. I tell ya, this was a really hard going afternoon. I was just glad I chose the super flowy eating-dress.

If you are yet to venture to the Peninsula or have a limited exposure to what it offers, please go there. Eat ALL the food. And enjoy this bloody spectacular country of ours.


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