Grand Grandeur.


I believe it is a well documented fact that I have a love for the Grand Hotel in Richmond that goes beyond regular food love. It seems that whenever the work girls ask me where I’m off to on the weekend, the Grand will always be involved in some capacity. The atmosphere, service, the wine and the food. Oh the food. Everything has always been top notch and recent visits have been no exception.

As I have visited multiple times of late I thought I’d collate them into one food coma inducing post and I’m sure by the end of it you will be wanting to book in your next Italian food fest.


Recently I have visited for various occasions including the 130th birthday celebration, various meals (just because) and most recently the brilliant ‘Grand Air’ event held for Good Food Month, which was also supported by the ever brilliant Vino Bambino. On a side note, if you can get to this event in 2016, please do so! The Grand team throw everything at this event and it is so ridiculously entertaining.


Yes I was invited to a couple of those functions, but I would be going there 4768735 times a year regardless. The hotel out the back is brilliant on a sunny afternoon and the pub fare is far from your average parma.

Barnie Bouchard is the king of this castle and is such an asset. The entire team know service, from the laid back nature of the back beer garden, to the ‘upmarket’ fine dining experience in the Dining Room. Hey, I’m heading there this Friday. That’s how convincing this post has been. I convinced myself to return asap.


Look at that risotto. Ah I’m drooling. Every dish you get has so much love. It’s like a cuddle for your tummy. The food is so impressive yet doesn’t seem overworked. The team have set menus that flow so well with a wine list that compliments every dish imaginable.



Side note, this carpaccio was one of the best dishes I have had at the grand. They’ve picked the best produce, and let it do the talking. Nothing better than that. Unless it’s a bombolone. Then I’ll make an exception.


I wanted to write about the Grand as my first post of 2016 as they were by far my favourite destination in 2015. Service for me, makes or breaks a place, and yes I know that sounds super wanky but it’s true. No matter how good the food is, you need the atmosphere that makes you want to bring every relative, including the great uncle that slurps his spaghetti (only way to do it!), to sample the fine fare and enjoy the experience.


And of course, a brilliant italian destination means mouth watering desserts. Whether it be a semifreddo, crostoli, or my forever-favourite bomboloni (that I ordered twice), those with a separate stomach for dessert, will not be disappointed.

Yes I believe I am in love with a restaurant and yes, it is possible. As Mr Meldrum would say, go and do yourself a favour, call the crew on Burnley St, sit back and embrace the deliciousness.


Grand Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



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