Squat goose can’t boogie. Round bird can’t fly.


I never wrote about the bird! How could I have missed them. Well, the menu has probably changed since I ventured there a couple of months ago, but I implore you to venture to the land of Lilydale for this terrific little gem.

Round Bird can’t fly. Firstly, it’s one of the best cafe names ever in my opinion. So they had me on side before I even walked in. I visited on a Saturday on my lonesome whilst Husband was out exercising. He does the work and I eat the donuts. Balance. The perfect partnership.

The place was packed and I squeezed into a spot on the front bench. Perfect people watching position. You get to see the people walking past and those in the cafe tucking into their tucker and discussing first world problems. Brilliant.

Service from the beginning was fantastic. The entire team were so friendly and were keen to chat about their food, their produce and the vibe (it’s the vibe, it’s Mabo, – ha oh JP, you need new material).



I was in a shakshuka kinda mood and their option sounded very different to the tomato based deliciousness I have come to love. Greens, ahoy. I was excited.

Coffee is Chum Creek Coffee, roasted by Greg Liney, and the baristas sure can make a smooth long black. So good in fact, I had two. Ok I may have had a takeaway as well. Mhm I was bah-zing that day.


The shakshuka was probably the best I’ve had and it was so different to the others I’d tried. A gazillion different greens, perfect eggs and the flavours were so well thought out. The house made rye that accompanied the dish was really different again. By itself I thought it might have been a tad sweet, but when used as a ‘spoon’ it was just a party in my mouth.

I was very sad to see the bottom of the plate as I knew the food celebration was near the end. It was really a brilliant way to start the day and I felt uber healthy after all my greens. So in typical JP fashion, I knew this healthiness needed to be balanced out with something sweet. Enter house made donut.


Take a look at that bad boy. I’ll admit it, my donut radar was blaring as soon as I stepped into Round Bird. I could sense I was in the presence of greatness. This house made donut was filled with a tart, delicious mandarin curd that I had never tried before and will definitely choose again. The donut was probably slightly over done on the outside as it wasn’t as fluffy as anticipated, but I still devoured it as expected.

I was soon a very round lady who had to roll out of Round Bird. Can’t compliment the staff enough. Such a homey feel and all so welcoming. I’m heading back to Round Bird this weekend with my visit parentals and I think you fly in soon, too.


Round Bird Can't Fly Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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