Hunters’ Roots.

The eternal question; what am I going to have for lunch today?

Yes I try to be good and prepare the lunches but when you work smack bang in the middle of Melbourne’s CBD, the food choices call to you. Eat the fried chicken, eat the burger, eat the sashimi, eat the delicious 7 tiered cake that will cause you to suffer severe food coma as soon your done. Food, you evil temptress.

On this particular day, Cmac and I ventured out and wanted to try to be healthy. Not an easy feat I can assure you. I was yet to try Hunters’ Roots and knew they sold Extra Mile Kombucha so figured it was a win win.

FullSizeRender (6)

Walking into this small space in the Archway off Flinders lane, you immediately feel like you’re doing good things for your bod. Crisp is the word I would use the describe the space. With a selection of organic salads, sandwiches and sushi, the decisions were very difficult.

I chose two salads being the poached chicken and the salmon and soba noodles. Mm so tasty. Everything was cooked brilliantly and even though I probably hadn’t chose salads that complemented each other, they were both delicious in their own right.

FullSizeRender (8)

The Lemon detox Kombucha from Extra Mile also went down a treat. If you prefer Kombucha a tad sweeter, try the Passionfruit variety. Tastes like a super healthy Passiona (minus the sugar high). It took me back to days of being 6 or 7, running under the sprinkler in the back yard in summer time and thinking that it was pretty much the best day ever. Ahem, my bad, back to the Roots.

FullSizeRender (7)

Cmac went with brown rice sushi and a poached chicken sandwich which he was raving about for days. No snap unfortunately as it was demolished in record time.

Healthy, light lunch options with produce that makes you feel good. Can’t get much better on a sunny lunch time in Melbs.


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