Gimme Jimmy.

Thousands of shoppers have been descending upon the new and improved Eastland and it would be fair to say one of the most popular places would have to be Jimmy Grants. Georgie boy is expanding his empire piece by piece.

About a week after the big reveal, I ventured into J.Grants as a newbie. I’d never been to any of the other stores but knew I was in for a Greek food feast.

I headed in on the dot of midday as I knew it would get busy. To be honest, it wasn’t the best first impression. Yes they’re teething, so you have to cut them some slack, but if you have customers waiting at the door, it might be a good idea to pause the ‘catchup convos’ happening at the door of the kitchen and help the patrons. We can see you. And it ain’t a good look.

I was seated at a long table sans menu, which was forgiveable. When that was rectified I was left to ponder my choice. Oh so many options. My foodie partner in crime, JW, had raved about the grain salad, but I’m not one to leave it at that. Mr Papadopoulos AND the grain salad. Locked in.

I was leaning towards an additional serve of Taromosalata but the food gods must have been monitoring my portions as I was informed they had run out.

Hopefully next time I visit, there will be a bit more organisation going on. No one really knew who was serving who or where orders needed to be sent. People around me commented that they had been waiting for a “solid 30” and were keen to “just grab whatevs.” I hoped it wasn’t going to get to that stage as I was in already in the early stages of hangry before I arrived.

Food came out in waves so I managed to get mine pretty quickly. Yes they ignored me and forgot to give me a menu and weren’t really sure whether their heads were screwed on, but boy did the food live up to the hype.


FullSizeRender (4)

The Mr Papa was so fresh and flavoursome and took me straight back to the streets of Santorini where I ate my weight in gyros each day. Quite an accomplishment I think. Bravo, JP.

My only negative would be the aioli. I’d definitely prefer it was lashings of Tatziki. But if that’s how GC does it, then we’ll roll with it.

The grain salad was a brilliant recommendation and one of which I will attempt to recreate at home. This would probably end with knowing mine didn’t taste as good, jumping on the bike and riding to buy some more at Jimmy Grants. That may or may not have happened already.

If you’re yet to experience Jimmy’s, it’s definitely worth it. Just maybe give the Eastland crew a few weeks to hit their stride. Mr Papa, I’ll be back for you.

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