Nothing/Everything fishy at Hunky Dory.

Eastland has arrived. The new Eastland. With a funky new logo that naturally means they are super modern and you should visit based on the logo merit alone.

Must admit I was uber impressed on my first visit. Like its massive counterpart, Chadstone, aka the centre of the Universe according to Husband’s nana, there is plenty of natural light and the shops available are pretty damn brilliant.

Now to the important stuff. The food. Eastland was promising big things in their open air food arena and they have delivered. Some of Melbourne’s heavyweights have come on in and there are food choices galore. Calombaris brought J.Grants, Mr Cammora brought his tacos from Paco and the Dan Wilson rolled on in with Huxtaburger. Yup. I am way too close to the food.

On my first visit to Eastland, there was one venue in particular that was pulling a crowd, and that my friends was Hunky Dory. (Just keep swimming, just keep swimming…I digress. But you were thinking it too)

Walking in, you can physically see the fish is fresh and everyone loves that hot chip smell. But I can reassure you; this place is far from your local fish and chip shop.

First up, the service was brilliant. This was their first day. First day! And things appeared to be working like clockwork. Everyone was smiling and super excited to feed you. I had found my people.


FullSizeRender (3)


I went with a grilled fillet of salmon, chips and Greek salad. Freakin delicious. And the portion size was one that goldilocks would have approved of – juuuust right. Aka perfect for me and probably massive for a regular appetite. The fish was cooked so well and just melted. Crispy skin, added bonus. They definitely knew how to whip up a damn good Greek salad and them chippies…ahhh.

Hunky Dory made a brilliant first impression and will definitely be able to take on the Ronda Rouseys of food land. Great spot for a pre movie dinner or if you need shopping sustenance. Head on in, grab a good feed and everything will be Hunky Dory.


Hunky Dory Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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