Chorizo & Rhinos. Three One 2 One.

Bridge Road, Richmond. Where there are more cafes than people frequenting them. Where there are more top knots on baristas than…hmm…well there’s a lot. You get the picture. Cafes. Richmond. Bridge road. Lots. Recently Husband and I were invited to check out Three One Two One.

I’d ventured here once before and loved the local nature of the place and you can tell they’d have their regulars and know their coffee order before they had to ask. A welcome change to some of the cafes on this packed out strip.


Affectionately known as the ‘Rhino cafe’, the brilliant crew at 3121 give a portion of their earnings to the ‘Save the Rhino Foundation’. Naw, ain’t that lovely. So you should eat that ca-razy milkshake and add a couple of nutella donuts because you’re doing it for a good cause. Good karma is coming your way, my friend. Eat the donut.

The cafe was bustling around 11am on the Sunday we visited and after a long ride down Beach Road, we were ready for a big feed. Ok we are always read for a big meal. If I ever say, ‘no thanks, i’m not hungry’, something is definitely wrong.


I was craving some juice goodness and decided to go green. I admittedly haven’t ever had a green juice that I loved so I was keen to see what was on offer. The team at 3121 have brought Julian’s Organics on board. Good, good move. This was by far the best green juice I’ve had. So good in fact, I had two! This smashing good bevvie was filled with all goodness, including kiwi, kale, oranges, broccoli sprouts, spinach, spirulina and coconut water. Try it for yo’self!


Whilst perusing the menu, husband went for an iced coffee. He thought it was great and was strong enough unlike alot you see around the traps. He wanted the cafe’s version of a ‘big brekky’ and it definitely delivered on that front. The breakfast also wins the best name ever award. The Mamashabubu breakie was packed with all the things.


This bad boy was packed with bacon, chorizo (yep, brilliant meaty double up), eggies, cherry tomatoes,black eyed bean ragout, broccoli (?) and a strange looking hashbrown. Husband gobbled it down and really liked the strange shaped hashie. I thought the menu said avo but maybe it wasn’t great so broccoli was added. Interesting choice, but hey, you always need your greens.


I umm’d and ahh’d as per usual and ended up going with the beans. Beans beans the wonderful fruit, the more you eat the more you toot. Lucky husband. I really liked the chorizo. Perfectly cooked for meeee. Unfortunately the beans were a bit over cooked and had turned a bit mushy and the egg was a tad undercooked for my liking, but hey, I still ate it! When combined with the chorizo, the beans were great and could have been delicious with a bit less cooking time.


There’s always a silver lining, and although that eggie was a tad undercooked for me, it did make for an epic #yolkporn shot. Mmm. Eggggs. I really liked the vibe of Three One Two One and I would head back to try their epic sounding lunch menu or convince husband that he wants one of the crazy shakes and sit back and observe the sugar high effects.

Must admit, if I were the manager of a cafe, I probably wouldn’t be rocking a tshirt that says ‘I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right’….wasn’t the best look. Especially when I overheard another patron say the same thing. But aside from their tshirt choice, the staff were great and embraced the chilled vibe of the cafe.


This shot is probably the first time my legs saw sunlight for about 6 months. Gotta love you, Melbs. Twas a delight to be invited to Three One Two One and i’ll head back to try the lunch menu for sure. The Huervos Rancheros also sounded delish so make sure you give that a crack for me if you check it out soon. You’ve gotta be pretty special to stand out on Bridge Rd, and although my brekky wasn’t as great as I was expecting, I’d head back for the vibe. And the green juice.

Peace out, my rhino friend.

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