Pastry Heaven. Rustica Canteen.


 knead. Ha.

Oh, Melbs. You know I love you dearly. Working in the CBD is a blessing and a curse. Because you get to be in the hustle and bustle and all the goodness….but you are also THAT much closer to the pastries and donuts of Guildford Lane. Ok, ok, I don’t mind it. First we had Shortstop enter our lives and I found out that I am obsessed with Maple Walnuts on top of glazed donuts. And then my friends, along came Rustica Canteen.

I thought I had distanced myself far away enough from their flagship store over on Brunswick St. I’m a freak when near pastry and now they’ve hit up the CBD, they better be ready for me. I’m JP and I have an addiction to gluten. I had a ‘scare’ early this year when my doc informed me I needed to try the glutard diet for health reasons. Thank GAWD that did not solve anything and I was back on the donut wagon soon enough.

Back to the purpose of this post. Rustica Sourdough. I ventured down the cobblestone lane with Cmac a week ago to check out the new joint that was filling up my instafeed with Choux bombs, cronuts and donuts, oh my. Love the fit out of the space. It gives you a hipster embrace as soon as you walk in.


Ice, Ice Baby.

We were seated at a high table, and I soon noticed in the pastry cabinet that all the cronuts were already gone. Sad face. Angst face. Devastation. I must confess, I have never had a cronut. I know, I am shocked too. I have had a croissant and a donut. And a croissant right before a donut. So technically, I have had a cronut of sorts. But I will return soon to Rustica to find out what all the fuss was about all that time ago when the Cronut was the bees knees.

We were both content with our waters until a young hipster kid on our table was provided with the coolest looking iced coffee I have seen in a while. So naturally, we both had to order one. Complete with awesome stripey straw. Delicious coffee with rather nutty notes. So much so, I had to ask the quirky waiter whether it was in fact almond milk. Not so. Just delicious cawfee.


High arty shot.

I knew I would be taking away at least one pastry so I decided to go with the salad. A meaty, cheesey delcious salad of honey roasted pumpkin, vitelotte (purple…people eater) potatoes, lentils, greens, persian fetta and of course, I had to add pulled lamb for $4. Definitely worth it. Good solid serve of salad and brilliant for those of us with portion control issues who order a salad and expect a feast.


Sandwich specials. Always delicious.

Cmac had just come from a ridiculously large pre grand final morning tea at work (tough gig…morning tea then lunch….jealous) so he wanted to go with something small. Yes his portion control issues are why we are friends. The daily special of a massive sanga filled with chorizo is his idea of small. Good boy, Cmac. He demolished it. I was lucky to grab a big bite before it disappeared (research of course) and I can vouch for it’s awesomeness.

His impatience to eat is evident through his finger sneaking into the above shot. Couldn’t even wait for me to take the 3479 shot of his lunch. Pfft.

Have to add, LOVED the tunes crankin’ in the place. Big props to the music man. Chilled vibe, old schools songs and then Pony comes on. Which of course is awesome. Weow weow weow.

The waiter also let us know that was the first day they had starting serving the iced cawfees so with the heat wave we are experiencing set to settle in, get to Rustica, drink ten of them. We hear there’s going to be a salted caramel version and maybe even marshmallow. So get in there, grab a pastry, grab a coffee and then grab another pastry.

I of course got an almond croissant takeaway. This was meant to last until about 4pm when I needed a sugar hit. It lasted until I got about half way back to work. So it lasted about 500m. Delicious flakey pastry with rich almond meal throughout. If only pastry was good for you. I be the new age Michelle Bridges-Kayla Itsines combo.

Rustica has got it goin’ on. Can’t wait to get my paws on a cronut. See you soon, friends.

Rustica Canteen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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