Scar(velli). Not the lion.

Breakfast is just one of those happy times. When you wake up and get so damn excited because it’s time to eat again! No? Just me? I’m sure there are many, many breakfast lovers out there.

I must admit I have found a few emails I have received of late thoroughly entertaining. Just to remind those playing at home, ‘Melbs’ is in fact not an individual but our fine city, Melbourne. I had one instance recently (not Scarvelli), that asked whether I would like to bring Melbs with me…. hm. Now husband has taken to being called Melbs for this exact moment. But come on people, work with me here!

Anyhoo, rambles there. Back to the food.

Taken me forever to get back to ze blog so I do apologise to those who continuously refresh their emails to see if there’s a new post from JP & Melbs (hi mum). Actually I’m not even sure my mother does it….


Arty shot of scarvelli bags. Oh JP, such an artist.

Enter Scarvelli Cafe in Balwyn. Whitehorse road is turning into a bit of a mecca for some epic cafes, and with a competitor like Snow Pony, these guys need to be on their A game. They are, by the way. I was invited with my lovely other half, Husband not Melbs, to enjoy some of the fare of Scarvelli a few weeks back. WIth the sun shining, we grabbed a spot outside which was awesome and probably the first day we’ve been able to dine outside since Summer. It’s getting warmer. Get excited.

Big fan of the paddock to plate philosophy going on at Scarvelli. Always sourcing fresh, seasonal produce for their dishes. This deliciousness, paired with friendly staff and Industry Beans is a match made in foodie heaven. I wanted to embrace the warm weather (probably, maybe, almost hit 20 degrees) and ordered a cold drip coffee and Husband, also embracing the sunshine, ordered an iced cawfee.



This was possibly the best looking cold drip when it was brought out to me. Styled to perfection and worked oh so well for insta. Once I took a million photos of the same thing (yep, I do that), I actually got to drink it and that was a sensational experience too. Industry beans have got it in the bag (of beans) and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Unfortunately the iced coffee was more icecream than coffee. Husband enjoyed the rich icecream but there definitely wasn’t enough coming from the coffee side of the relationship. Will definitely ask for an extra shot in that bad boy next time we visit.


All the things.

Husband and I found out very quickly that we were two peas in a pod when we met and the food element is no different. He too shares my ridiculous portion control issues. Hence why we found the need to order three dishes between the two of us.

Top right is his delicious omelette full of vege goodness. He did ask for additional bacon (standard activity) but unfortunately that didn’t make it to the table. For a carnivorous carnivore, he really enjoyed the omelette. Not dry or overcooked and the goats cheese was a great addition. Personally, goats cheese is a great addition to just about everything. Drool.


Steak for breakfast? Such a thing.

Admittedly, the entire menu sounded delicious. The dukkah eggs were super tempting, but I wasn’t sure they would live up to the heavenly experience I had with them at Servery and Spoon a while back. After umming and ahhhing (the usual), I went with the Good Life bowl. Yes I eat donuts every other day, so the good life bowl was a welcome change.

It was brilliant and something I would definitely order again. Sauteed silverbeet, crispy kale and chickpeas, brocollini, baby spinach (all the greens), lots of grains, a perfectly poached egg and a seared minute steak. What a way to start a morning.


My B.a.e.

Because we both don’t understand the concept of ‘being full’ we had to order the brekky bun as I side nibble. Mhm. Look at that eggie. Filled with lotsa bacon, egg, spinach, aioli and avocado, piled onto a brioche bun, this is something that will be very hard to turn down next time as well.

Must admit a couple of the staff members seemed a bit scattered and got a couple of bits and pieces muddled up but aside from that, Scarvelli is running a tight ship.

Because the weather gods are always looking to mix it up in Melbourne town, the clouds soon rolled in and we decided to gobble and go prior to requiring an ark to escape.

IMG_3787 IMG_3786

On our way out we were provided with some delicious take home treaties. Ok, let’s be honest, they made it to the car, and were demolished before we got home. So let’s call them ‘take-outside-of-Scarvelli’ treaties. The coconut macaroon (not to be mistaken for the macaron) with lime curd was my favourite and was light enough to compliment the rest of the truckload of food we had devoured that morning.

Overall a lovely morning with my lovely man and we will definitely be back to Scarvelli soon. Ciao!

Scarvelli Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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