Hashtag Hash.

Lunch time. The favourite time of the working day. Especially when based in the CBD. It is a dangerous time for us food lovers as you just want to eat all the food. One of my bestest buds Cmac has finally returned from London town and we were off on another lunch outing.


THE dish and THE hashtag.

I had seen the giant hashtag on Hardware street and had never ventured in. Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters has it all going on. With some of the best cawfee in Melbs and a spankin’ good menu, I will definitely be venturing back oh so soon.

First up, love the decor and fit out. Big fan of the black and white tiling on the main bar. Gastro pub/french bistro kinda feel I think. I could be way off with that comment as I know nothing about interiors, but hey, i’m trying. The wooden surfaces are also a favourite of mine. So yes, Hash, you had me at hello.


Warm day. Cold brew.

You’ve probably witnessed the epic Mork Chocolate/Fairy floss hot chocolate overtaking Instagram at the moment and although it was tempting, I wanted to take advantage of the rare warm day and went with their cold drip. Smooth as coffee. So good. Gotta love good presentation as well.

Three words for you. All day breakfast. It needs to be on more menus. Because, bacon at night time. Think about it. I could have devoured most of the menu on our visit, especially the cripsy corn arepas which sounded diiviiiine. I umm’d and ahh’d as per usual, was distracted by numerous random conversation topics, and eventually settled on the Chorizo, Scallops & egg dish. Omg. New favourite thing in the whole wide world. Ok maybe slight exaggeration…sorry husband.


What’s not to love?

This dish. I swear. Drool. All the yums. Chorizo and seared scallops on white beans with a fried egg and chili. So much deliciousness. Perfect match of flavours, textures, all the things. I will always choose chorizo dishes and I will always choose scallops, so this was a deal for me. Lock it in, Eddie. It will be so hard not to order this again. Brilliance. I stand and clap you, Hash. Hashtag ermagherd. Really enjoyed the white bean smash too. Seasoned so well and loved how it added to the main proteins.

Cmac is slowly getting used to waiting for me to take photos of his food, but I still have to put up with the million and four photos of his hand making signs in front of his plate before I get the money shot. He’ll learn eventually.


All the sauce.

The dish was demolished in record time so I think it’s safe to say he thought it was swell. Smoked trout rillettes with poached eggs and bearnaise sauce. I’ve never been a fan of hollandaise sauce so I was definitely approving this one. The trout looked delicious.

Overall, a brilliant outing filled with our usual ridiculous banter and damn fine food and coffee. I will definitely be back for oh so much more coffee and freakin fantastic food.

Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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