Archie’s. All Day. Err’ day.

JP’s first world problem, number 38573984729. Going to food events and they serve hardly any food. That’s why we need places like Archie’s in our lives.


After leaving an event recently, my lovely J (Jessica’s all good things) and I were after some good food to fill the void. I was in hangry mode and therefore contributed no suggestions on eating destinations, but she was on it. To Archie’s All Day we went.

The day after I was due to undertake a juice cleanse. Aka cleansing and not eating food for 24 hours. First world problem number 3824246. So I knew what I needed. I needed a burger. And J was being the healthy J for the evening and went with the fish dish.



Take a moment to appreciate.

I’d never ventured to Archie’s before and will definitely be heading back soon for some Juicy Lucy loving. This has gotta be one of the best burgers in Melbourne. Brilliant combo of Wagyu patty, jalapeno Monterrey Jack cheese, lettuce, ketchup, mustard and of course pickles. The whole shebangalang. That burger bun. Oh it is glorious. Shoestring fries aren’t too shabby either. Ah I want one right now.

I noticed after the fact that you can add bacon. So I will obviously have to return soon to add bacon to Lucy and see how she goes. I’m sure it will be off the chizang.




Healthy J went with the steamed barramundi, gai lan, mirin, ginger sesame with soy and pippies. It looked delicious on the plate and she thought (and I quote) really rich and well balanced. Barramundi has always been a favourite of mine so I would have definitely chosen that had I not only had eyes for the burger variety of foods.



Close up required.

Archie’s all day seems to be my spirit animal and I can’t believe it’s taken this long for me to venture there. You can have an espresso martini at breakfast. You can have fluffy scrambled eggs at 3pm. You can have a freakin’ Messina icecream sandwich for dessert without having to wait in that queue. Oh the deliciousness of it all.

I’ve also heard through the grapevine that they make a mean negroni, so I will of course have to add this to the bacon Lucy on my next visit.
Archies. All day. Err’day. Hyundai. (Couldn’t help myself)

Disclaimer. Archie’s All Day has absolutely no affiliation with Hyundai. That’s just how JP’s brain works. Tangent. Tangent. Catchy Jiggle. Boom. Spoken by JP. Food Blogger, Melbourne.



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