The day I drank juice.

So it starts. Another instance where I think I just need to give the bod a break from donuts and burgers and all the yums (mmm burger), and embark on a juice cleanse. Only one day. Geez couldn’t do more. I love you, bacon. I’ll miss you.

I kicked off this morning with an epic Step class at the newww Aquanation in Ringwood. What a gym. Uber impressive and love new shiny things. It was a brilliant start to the day and I was ready to take on the juices.

Kept a few notes along the way to allow you to ‘experience’ the cleanse. Overall, yes I would recommend it over the other ones out there. Delicious juices to be honest, and although I complained about food throughout the day, I was never hungry! Shock, horror. I know. So below, enjoy my rambles throughout the day that JP said goodbye to food.


All the juice.

8.32am. Juices arrived at work. Yippee. Super pretty box and it’s ‘made with love’ so that’s always a good sign. Secured the juice in the work fridge. Name plastered all over said pretty box to ensure juice remains in said pretty box and not in random person’s belly. Not saying that happens at my work, but Green St are popular, they can make people do strange things. Oh lordy, I’m going off on tangents already and it’s not even 9am.


Numero Uno.

First up, Enlightening liberty. Yum! Awesome way to start a day I reckon and I will definitely be getting me some more enlightenment.

9.50am. Feeling good! Loved that first juice so excited to see what else is in store. Next up is a 95 Greene aka Pure Heart. I have my moments with green juices so let’s see how this goes….


Not bad at all! This is packed with green vegies like lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale and apple and lemon, ginger, mint, parsley and dandelion is thrown in too. A lot of celery came through on the initial sip which I wasn’t ca-razy about, but overall it’s a good one.

11am. On the dot. First tummy rumble. Quite loud. Probably because I checked Instagram and there’s lot of food on Instagram. Rookie error, JP. Limited Instagram checking will be in force until tomorrow morning or we are going to struggle today.

12.15pm I held out for a while for the next juice so I could go and enjoy the sunshine with my jooos. And it was glorious outside! What a day. The sun is actually giving off heat, birds are chirping, people are smiling, and everyone seems to be eating delicious treaties. Whilst I have my juice.


Feel like I’m the Fresh Prince of Bel-air…for some reason.

Admittedly, this juice is probably my favourite so far. They call it the Bronx, so I naturally had to go to the Bronx of the CBD whilst drinking it. Aka. King St. Ok I walked about 10m along King st, but hey, I’m now tougher.

The Bronx is a gorgeous purple colour with the prime ingredient of Beets mmm beetroot. On a burger. With an egg. And bacon. Gawd dammit, it always comes back to the bacon.

Pay attention JPizzle. There was also carrot, lemon, ginger, flaxseed oil, rosemary and burdock root. With their powers combined, they create (Captainnn Planet, he’s our hero), Juice. They create juice.

1.50pm. Free muffins were just offered to me. Free. Berry. Muffins. Sad face. Yes I stayed strong, and quickly escaped to get my next juice before the warm muffin smell got to me. Next up was Thanksgiving. I have never had a sweet potato drink before so I was looking forward to trying it. Overall, I really liked the flavour of it, the sweet potato added a slight creaminess. What I didn’t particular enjoy were the cinnamon floaties. All for the cinnamon (donuts) but didn’t really like that component.

Thrown into Thanksgiving was sweet potato, cinnamon, carrot, apple, lemon and flaxseed oil.

Still feeling good though. I have now been to the bathroom about 398420 times today.


In New Yorrrrrk, concrete jungle where dreams are made offff….

3.45pm Oooh this one’s a goodie. Empire state. Picturing Alicia Keys slamming on the piano keys and now I am pretending to be Jay Z. Just go with it.

Empire state is a combo of carrot (I’m going to turn into bugs bunny soon), green apple and, wait for it, my favourite ingredient of the day, Astragalus. Where you put the emPHAsis is unknown so feel free to go with whatever you come up with. It’s an organic herbal extract for those playing at home.

Could be my favourite. Empire State currently trumping the Bronx.

5pm. Back to the Bronx. I really like this one so I was glad I had two of them! Beetie, lemony, ginger goodness. All for the Bronx. I feel I need to sing ‘I’m still Jenny from the block…’ when drinking this. Now I’m dancing. I might be going a little cray cray now after this many hours sans food.

Now is the tricky part of the day. Returning home. Where the pantry is full. And dinner will smell really good. And I know there’s cheese in the fridge. Next to the Freddos. Below the leftover cake. Engaging Willpower. Bring it on, Fridge. I can take you.

IMG_5657 (1)

Yes I’m just taking photos of the bottles around the house….

6.30pm It’s not easy being green. Especially when you’re a drink. Ah yep, I’m rambling way too much due to lack of food. I can now smell dinner cooking and my tummy is growling at me. My thrilling meal was the Greene St Classic. Hate to say it, but this was my least favourite of the 8. Overpowering taste of celery.

The classic has cos lettuce, celery, cucumber, kale, lemon, apple, ginger, mint, parsley and dandelion herb extract.


Last one. Yum yum.

8.30pm Husband is eating chocolate. Inside my personal space. Usually this is ok as I would steal said chocolate. However, tonight, it hurts. It HURTS. I want food. I also just completed the world’s greatest accomplishment of making lunches for work with a warm roast chicken and did not sample any. So proud. That smell. Ah I want some!

Lucky I have the West Village to get me through until tomorrow. This was a delicious juice and one I would definitely buy again. Love the almond and coconut flavours. Didn’t taste alot of mint but didn’t mind, it didn’t need much more in my opinion!

West village was made up of alkaline water (…fancy water), activated almonds (Pete Evans wuz here), coconut flesh, medjool dates, chia seeds, milk thistle and mint.

Each juice you take comes with it’s very own mantra and although I am usually the first to laugh at such things, I really enjoyed these throughout the day. For West Village the mantra was ‘All is well in my world’. Yes. Yes it is.

I would really recommend the Greene St Cleanse for anyone looking to press the reset button. I didn’t do it for weight loss reasons or any reason really, I just wanted to see how my body reacted. Yes you want solid food, that’s a given. But I slept like a log the night following the cleanse so I would do it in future for that reason alone! Brilliant flavours and so many to mix and match. Try it!

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