Get your Market on.

It’s that time of year again. When Jack Frost rolls on it, the coats, the boots and the scarves go on, and everyone heads to Vic Markets every Wednesday for mulled wine, soup in bread bowls and a whole lotta meat. So I obviously knew where I had to be a few Wednesday’s ago, and you need to be there too. Oh the food.

The lovely ladies of Q Strategies gave me a few vouchers to check out the food on offer and of course, I ate too much. Naturally.


I call it, arty shot of crates. 

I call it, arty shot of lights. 

I knew I needed to take my portion control issues partner in crime, my lovely husband. If you think I eat alot, you should see his daily menu. What a man, what a man, what a mighty (hungry) man.

Anyhoo, back to the food. The vibe of the markets is always brilliant. Everyone keen for a good feed and a good time. The markets are open between 5pm and 10pm each Wednesday during Winter until the 26th of August. Only two more Wednesdays to go so get in for all food deliciousness.


That’s amoreeee.

We arrived around 5.30pm and the lines were already building so we made a beeline for the pizza. Oh Gradi, you so fine. I am yet to visit Gradi at Crown but I am a huge fan of 400 Gradi on Lygon. Best pizza in Melbs, in my opinion. These smaller versions were a great kick off for the evening. Husband went with the potato pizza and I chose wisely with the chorizo number. Lots of crust on these boys but I wasn’t complaining. Love it when it’s chewy and cheesey and …ah I’m drooling again.

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IMG_3093 IMG_3092

Oh the magnificence.

The Carvery was definitely the most popular stall of the market so make sure you get in early if you love your meat. Who wouldn’t when it looks like that! Snap. Crackle. Pop. Indeed. Look at that pork. Husband had to drag me away from the rotating meat, otherwise I would probably still be there, watching the glorious hunks spin.


Can I get one of these installed in my new house?


Taco style boeuf.


Ready for his close up.


Beef Short Rib. Those gherks. That gremolata.

We knew it was there. We could smell it when we were on the approach and knew a visit to the market was not complete without the goodness of Blue Bonnet BBQ and Burn City Smokers. So we decided to divide and conquer, and conquer we did. I had ridiculously good, melt in the mouth beef with taco rice salad. The meat just fell apart and let’s just say, it didn’t last long enough for me to share with Husband. Best dish of the night for me. Husband went for the beef short rib at Burn City Smokers and demolished it. Once again, moist, falling apart meat that you could eat kilos of.


I shall call him squishy and he shall be mine, and he shall be my Squishy.

I couldn’t resist the nemo reference after seeing the flame grilled octopus that night. It was flying from the grill and everyone was singing the praises of the baby seafood. Always been a favourite of mine, and these were no exception. As you can guess, we tried 99% of stalls and I can guarantee – it’s ALL GOOD. Go there. Try it all. We didn’t manage to fit in dessert but there are plenty of options for the sweet teeth and those who are partial to the icecream dinner. All for it.

Even if you aren’t a big foodie and just love experiencing the world’s most liveable city (5 times running, but who’s counting!?), the atmosphere is brilliant at the Night Market and there are plenty more activities running to tickle your fancy.

As I mentioned, only two more nights you can go until the markets pack up and roll on out for another year. So rug up, get yo’ scarf on and get amongst the markets. Eat all the things and thank me later.

Click it and get ready to drool.

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