A new Legacy.

The Rostered Day Off. My new best friend. I seem to have a lot of best friends that aren’t actually people….but that’s a whole other issue that I need to work through.

I have been blessed with an office job that provides it’s lovely employees with an RDO once a month. Yep. Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Or the man. Or..hm. Anyway, bacon.

One of the benefits of this brilliant day is that I can go out for breakfast at regular breakfast time and not queue! It’s great. You should try it.

So on my recent RDO, I ventured to Legacy in Camberwell with my beautiful friend MK (not Michael Kors…he was last week) and her darling daughter who provided many a laugh as she devoured two babycinos. It’s amazing how frothed milk amuses for such a long time.

I’d heard a lot about Legacy and after my GPS told me it was a kilometre away from it’s actual spot, I trudged on in. Firstly, love the fit out. Not the usual dark walls and polished concrete, but great brick work and white panels. So open. Makes you want to stay for hours. And I probably could now I know I want to try everything on the menu, and then all of the treaties in the cabinet.

Since opening late May, Legacy already has a pretty big following, so get in quick before the line is as long as Chin Chin. With the minds of Collective Espresso behind the caf, they know what they’re doing and I loved the healthy spin on the menu, whilst still giving you the option to eat all the bacon.

Which I did.



My usual cawfee of a Long Black was of the Candyman variety from Columbia. Brilliant name. Had to have two just because of the name. And my addiction to caffeine…that I also need to work through. This is kinda sounding like a JP therapy session…back to the food!


What a stack.


Oh yes. Hashtag yolk porn indeed.

I ummed and ahh’d over the menu, as usual, but had to go with the sweet potato, kale and amaranth fritters which were served up with rich goats cheese, cherry tomato chutney, Kaiser bacon and I threw a poached eggie on there too.

What a tower of amazingness with epic #yolkporn. The fritters were delicious but I’m sorry to say the chutney was a little too sweet for me. Great in moderation, but I couldn’t eat it all. Loved the combination of it all together though. That bacon, speaks for itself. So good. Best I’ve had in a long time. And I’ve had A LOT of bacon.

MK’s daughter had tough decisions all around and was so distracted by her babycinos, mumma had to decide for her. Great piece of multigrain sourdough with good old Vegemite. She also wanted to steal one of mummy’s strawberries, so the kitchen gave her her very own monster strawb. They charged 50c for that bad boy which I guess is warranted…but when you’re feasting for brekky, a strawberry probably could have been thrown in? No?


Trending. Every thang.

The 50c strawb was a slight hiccup in an overall great experience at one of Melbs’ newest cafes. MK went with the trend that doesn’t seem to want to leave, the ‘Power Bowl’.

Usually complete with Acai, MK decided on the dragon fruit side of things and it looked superb. Served with housemade coconut yoghurt, strawberries, banana, chia seeds, hazelnut crumb and granola, the purple vibrancy of the dragonfruit looked pretty amazing. MK loved it all and it was a huge serve that she couldn’t demolish, so feel free to share it with your nearest and dearest! But be prepared to fight for it if you have portion control issues like me. Probably best to just get two.

The treaties cabinet looks ridiculously good and I would have devoured any one of those house made donuts if I had an inch of room left in my tum tum. That’s right, somehow, I turned down a donut opportunity. But I will definitely be back, so those donuts better be ready.

Great new spot. Definitely worth a visit. A new Camberwell Legacy. (Ha, couldn’t help myself)

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