Boy of the Lady variety. Richmond. G Rated.

She’s all you’d ever want,
She’s the kind they’d like to flaunt and take to dinner.
Well she always knows her place.
She’s got style, she’s got grace, she’s a winner.
She’s a Lady(boy).

Whoa whoa whoa, she’s a Lady(boy).


Just in case you didn’t realise what the post was about.

No I don’t know what that song was in my head on a recent dinner with the besties, but it happened, so just go with it ok. Yep I know, now it’s in your head too isn’t it. Whoa whoa whoa….Ha. Mission accomplished.

So, yes. Ladyboy. Because Bridge Rd was in need of something that wasn’t another breakfast spot or pub. And they are doing a fine, fine job. The four of us ventured to the boy of the lady variety a few months back, without knowing much about it, aside from its entertaining name. And we were in love with the pork hock (it’s coming) and their delicious, inventive cocktails. With ridiculous names like trans-gin-der, Adam’s apple, man-go Ladyboy, you know you want them all. I think we had several of them all that first visit.


Ha. I see what you did there.

Ladyboy is headed up by Fran Leaper and Mitch Townrow who hails from the halls of Longrain. They’re now well established on the Bridge Rd scene and there’s often a wait for a table on a busy Friday/Saturday/Sunday…any day night. But don’t let that stop you. There’s an uber awesome courtyard out the back and a bar to lure you into those cocktails. A range of nibbles are available out the back too. So you can just have a party out the back until your tables ready to continue the festivities!

Back to our recent evening! Our buddies have decided to leave us to go gallivanting around Europe, to cycle, eat, and cycle some more (@aus_velo….check them out and live vicariously through them with me!) So we of course decided to go eat all the food at Ladyboy before they depart.

Banquet locked in. At $45/pp still not convinced it’s the best value for money, but I’d probably pay top dollar for that pork hock (it’s coming) so no complaints here. Yes, I do usually like to choose what’s coming. But I trusted the waiter. And I was tired from sitting at a desk all day and wanted someone else to make the decisions whilst I sipped Prosecco. Is that ok!? Ah…breathe, JP. Think you need some pork hock to calm you down. (It’s coming).

So the conversation rolled from upcoming holidays to house hunting (ah we are totes growed up now) to random tangents of ridiculous topics that make no sense to anyone else (not so growed up).


fish cakes + crispy thai basil + sweet chilli

First up was a dish we hadn’t tried before, being the fish cakes with crispy thai basil and sweet chili. The cakes had a great consistency but the sweet chili was (shock) a little too sweet for me. Enjoyed by the rest of the group though so that’s always a good thing. I prob would have preferred a bit more heat in there, but I did notice most of their dishes pull back on the hot stuff.


crispy pork hock + black vinegar caramel + fried shallots

Feast your eyes on my main man. (I say that a lot) The crispy pork hock (drool) with black vinegar caramel and fried shallots. We requested this be part of the banquet so ended up with two bowls of it instead of a different dish (not complaining. I repeat, not complaining. At all). When I first had this dish, I thought it might be too sweet for me but the rich meat balances the caramel and you have a match made in freakin heaven. Ah I could live on this. Ok, I probably couldn’t, but I assure you, one day, I will try.


son in law egg + sweet fish + crispy shallots

Son in law eggs were next up. I was pleasantly surprised as I didn’t enjoy them on our previous visit but today they were cooked well and were damn tasty. Still not my favourite thing in the whole wide world, but still enjoyable. EP isn’t an egg fan so splitting an egg three ways was pretty entertaining. Yes we split the spare egg 3 ways. I told you we all have portion control issues.

The vino choice of the evening was a super noice blend and complimented the food really well. EP and I have a love for red wine and good food. Hence why we became friends. Ok I’m sure there were other reasons too, but the food and wine is the gel of our friendship. She also likes donuts and bacon. So we are SUPER good friends.


All the food. Kudos to the char-grilled roti + satay sauce


yellow curry + beef + snake beans + baby corn


stir fried asian greens + oyster sauce

More dishes rolled out and soon came a (future) favourite of mine. The yellow curry was packed with flavour and delicious falling-apart beef. Once again, would have loved a bit of heat in there, but hey, that’s not a yellow curry so that was a-o-k. Rich sauce. Good vegies. Yum yum yum. That’s super technical gastronomy language there. Yum with a capital Y.

Just thought about that old Sesame street skit where there was a letter Y in a western showdown saying “You wanna know whhhyyy (Y. get it)…..” Ha. Brilliant. Sorry. Surprise surprise. Distracted.

Can never go wrong with satay and a good peanut-y peanut sauce and the stir-fried Asian greens are always a winner for me.

As had occurred on past visits, the service was great. Friendly but not overbearing and although they were busy, there was no rushing to get us out (*Cough* Lupino….). Bravo, Ladies and Boys.


Coconut sorbet

EP’s top priority, aside from MP, is ice-cream. She. Loves. Ice-cream. As do most people, I hear you say. But her love for the frozen goodness goes beyond that of a regular human. She loves ice-cream almost as much as I love bacon. That’s a lot of love. So when she says the coconut sorbet at Ladyboy is good. It’s freakin spectacular.

And it is.

Super refreshing coconut sorbet is the perfect way to wrap up the banquet at Ladyboy. And at $3 a pop, you could probably just order 10 of them and have that for dinner! But then you’d miss out on the pork hock, so maybe don’t do that.

Another super enjoyable evening at Ladyboy with the crew. Super sad we couldn’t convince the buds that Europe isn’t that great (lie) and that they should stay in Melbs with us…but we still had a great night with finger-licking good food and a buzzing atmosphere.

I like you, Ladyboy. 8.5/10

(11/10 for the pork hock)

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