The Day JP turned to JT.

Wifey. Wife. Lady of the house. Went from a Fiancé Beyoncé to a ….hmm no cool things rhyme with wife. JP has turned into a JT. Oh yes, it’s exciting. Justin Timberlake, move over my friend, there’s a new JT in town. And she can eat more than you. Mhhhhm. *Finger snap*

So, yes. If you follow me on insty (shameless plug @jpandmelbs_ ) you would have noticed my rambles about the build up to wedding…the wedding…and post wedding blues. However, post wedding blues also meant an increase in donut allowance. Ok let’s be honest, there was no wedding diet. I can’t diet. I was born with the ability to want food at all times. Even after eating a double cheese whopper thingy from Grand Trailer Park. Watch me.

Where were we? Ah yes, the wedding of the century. Obviously the food would be the most important part of my big day, oh yes, and husband/joining two people together for the rest of their lives was up there too, I spose.

Reception venues are popping up everywhere and we knew we weren’t the ‘reception centre’ type of people so the idea of an open restaurant type space was very appealing. Enter my love, Circa. This incredible restaurant, a part of the Prince Hotel, has long been a favourite of mine because of its damn incredible food, the impeccable service and the way they can even make bread look awesome. Sorry bread, I know you’re awesome any old way. Mmm cheese toasties. Focus JP..ah JT. Ah I’m getting confused.


Amazing flower work by the awesome Zaraflower.

Above Circa, is the Deck. The Prince’s brilliant open event space, complete with a pool if you wanna do laps mid wedding. Just in case you thought we did, we didn’t. But it is a great space to put fancy floating candles and flowers. So pretty. I admittedly fell in love with the space when we first visited. It was really exactly what we were after with it’s minimal, modern detail and of course, space for an epic dance floor outside on the deck itself.

Side note: If you are in fact looking to have your wedding at The Deck. Hire a dance floor for outside under the marquee. Do it. Amazing space, but the additional cost of a floor is well worth it. Gives the guests, and yourselves of course, a big space to boogie the night away without the ladies worrying about their heels getting caught and sending them flying. Or maybe that’s the single-girl-at-the-wedding-tactic…’accidentally’ fall over into a handsome gent. Aha I’m onto you ladies.

Back to the important stuff. The food. The menu choices with Circa are fantastic and I am still in awe of how they made each dish look so immaculate for 130 people. All brought out at the same time, all perfect temperature. All. So. Tasty. And yes, as you can probably assume, I was definitely a bride who ate all the food.

Our ceremony was at the beautiful St Peter & St Paul Catholic Church in South Melbourne. Lovely Fr Dean was so patient with the emotional yo yo of a bride that was me. The high ceiling blue stone church was so fantastic. Especially because we somehow scored a ridiculous good weather day (in late April) and had stunning photos taken out the front of the building with our awesome Rolls. Mhm. We were playaaas that day. Ok not really because we had just got married in a Catholic Church and were in the car from South Melbourne to St Kilda (about 5 mins). But hey, we can pretend.

Photos were snapped by my new best friend, Sarah Churcher. An absolute whiz behind the camera and she also kinda doubled as our wedding planner which was soo appreciated. Any photo any occasion. Please get in contact with her. Can’t recommend her enough. All supplier deets for our big day are at the bottom of this post, so get on it!


17 photos. stitched together. she is THAT good. it’s like the tree is coming at you. ooooh

My serious wedding advice for today. Listen. There were sunsets, there were beautiful big trees, there were overpasses, there were a ridiculous amount of laughs and we enjoyed every minute of it, so make sure you have a photographer that ‘gets you’.

After the snappings, the bridal party headed to our incredible suite at the Prince to have a celebratory champagne, some canapés, because the madness ensued at the reception. Ok, I admit it, I only wanted it so I could get some canapés. You would understand if you were there. They were sooo goooood.

Canapés. First up. That first morsel for guests to think, “yeh JP chose right….and husband listened”. First choice was the Coffin Bay Oysters with a shiso vinaigrette. Because they’re oysters. No more explanation needed. Our little balls of happiness also definitely had to be involved, so the next choice was zucchini and mozzarella arancini with black olive mayonnaise.

You know it must have been a damn good arancini ball when you’re the bride and you remember it tasted freakin’ awesome. So gooey with the cheese and the black olive mayonnaise, ahhh I could have eaten a litre of it. But I was in the wedding dress so I had to act like a lady. kinda. The final canapé that was available was a deliciously tender BBQ Wagyu beef w charred cucumber + soy. Once again, needs no explanation. Amazing canapés all around and I am still getting compliments on how much all the friends and fam enjoyed the food. So that’s always a good sign!

Our night was truly one we will never forget and easily the best night of our lives. Surrounded by our nearest and dearest, we were blessed with the greatest bridal party and the night was complete with hilarious, wonderful, tear-jerking speeches from all involved. Ah I’m sitting here getting emotional. Let’s do it all again!

The night was capped off with some freakin’ delicious food and so let’s look at the pretty pictures that my (now) cousin Chlo Chlo snapped for me on the night because she is an amazing ladae who knew I’d want photos!

Husband and I both chose an entrée and both chose a main…no buts! I really did let him choose some food! What a nice wife I am.


JT Choice – Queensland Spanner Crab w. avocado + yuzu

IMG_5091Husband Choice – Smoked quail w vanilla, parsnip + cherries


Husband Choice – Salt grass lamb loin w. fennel puree, black olive + salt bush


JT Choice – Snapper w Jerusalem artichokes, wild mushrooms + cime di rapa

The entrees and mains all looked fantastic when they were brought out and Husband I were lucky enough to somehow score 3 plates between us. Winning. Well of course that day we were winning at life (nawww)

We were smitten with these dishes (ha you thought I was going to say smitten with eachother weren’t you, nawww) when we tried them at the tasting and they were just as good when multiplied 70 odd times each. Ashley Hicks, chef man, take a bow.

Our deliciousness continued even with the sides of (drool time) roast potatoes w confit garlic & sea salt and BBQ brocollini w salted ricotta & espellette. I had a bowl of potatoes in front of me for the majority of the evening and I can safely say, I ate my fair share. Plus my new husbands share. But hey, what’s his is mine now. That includes the potatoes. And the bacon. Of course.

Click to add a blog post for Circa, the Prince on Zomato

Now for a wedding, it’s always the dessert that gets the tongues wagging in my opinion. To complement the dishes we had had for entrée and main, we decided on a caramelised apple w. fennel, pain d’epice + pollen.  It was to die for. So much apple-goodness and the flavours were just amazing. One of the best desserts I’ve had.

We of course, being a celebration of this style, had to have cake. But being me, I thought, we can’t just have cake. I wanted something else that would cause a ca-razy sugar high amongst the guess. Enter Mr Zumbo. Masterchef ex contestants are quivering in their boots, the crowd goes wild, enter, croquembouche.


Sound the angels.

I remember walking into The Deck to make our entrance (yay us!) and the croquembouche was just shining like a beacon. I knew that we would meet later in the night. I was lucky enough to steal the very top choux/profiterole/ball of custard goodness from that croquembouche later but poor husband didn’t get one! I made sure to tell him numerous times how good they were. As did most of the guests. Mmmmmmmhm.


Now I wasn’t going to stop at a croquembouche. I wanted a cake. And a brilliant, tasty, rich one at that. So I called the best, most amazing cake maker/decorator/goddess I know, Baked by Sunshine. Ellie was one of the easiest people to work with throughout the process and nothing was too much trouble. Even when we requested two little penguins on top of our deliciousness. The penguins are a long story. But they’re also damn cute! They are currently residing in our freezer. Coz that’s where penguins belong.

This creation was three tiers of brilliantly rich flourless chocolate mud cake with layers of buttercream and milk chocolate ganache. I’m salivating even writing about it. We were lucky enough to get awesome cupcake-version tasters leading up to the big day and they were perfection as well. Can’t recommend her enough. Between Baked by Sunshine and Sarah Churcher photography, we had a super wedding combo.


Ellie was also in charge of making our brilliant bonbonniere for our guests. Delicious A&J cookies with yummy yummy icing with the finest detail on the letters. Still in awe of how she made so many so perfectly. Guests were absolutely raving about these cookies. I’m going to put it out there and say they were the favourite food of the night. Bravo Sunshine, bravo!


So that’s it, folks. A snap shot of the greatest day of the 27 years I’ve been on this fine planet. What a day. The service we received from all involved was fantastic and we can’t thank them enough. Thanks also to husband for wanting to marry me, poor guy. Full marks plus a gazillion for our big day. woop woop!

I’m off to find some cake.

Lurrrve, the Mrs.

Sarah Churcher Photography –

Baked by Sunshine –

Zaraflower –

Circa, The Prince –

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