MagazineMan. Aka. Paperboy.

Once again, another shockingly bad title, JP.

P-boy. Ma boy. My main man. Don’t tell my husband.

If you follow me on Instagram, (shameless plug to @Jpandmelbs_) you would have probably noticed I frequent Paperboy kitchen. A lot. I often think I might as well move in. save me walking to and from every other day. They’ve featured on ze blog once before in passing but I thought they deserved their very own post. Yes, they should feel oh so special.


My home away from home is tucked into the up and coming foodie haven of Little Lonsdale street. Right near the café that I just can’t understand the hype over, Hardware Societe. Skip the line and head to Paperboy. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Paperboy have definitely cemented themselves as a go to lunch destination for those of us in the lower end of the city. But hey, even if you work in the Paris end of Collins Street or even the backstreets of the Dandenongs, you should still make the trip one day to get some bowlin’/rollin’ goodness at Paperboy Kitchen.


Anyone who visits me during the week knows that there will be a visit to Pboy involved. And I will get a Spicy Pork bowl with a tempura egg if I’m feelin’ fancy. I swear these guys can do no wrong. Ever since my first visit, they’ve known what to do and stuck to their strengths. None of this skimping on sizes or sauces. They know what the people want and they give it to the people.


Paperboy is also a haven for us Sriracha lovers. There’s those shining beacons of heaven on all tables and you can sriracha it up until your heart is content. They’ve also got the hot stuff (see above. it’s hot) available for those hard core kids. The bowls are brilliant as they come, but if you want to add that new frontier, add that sriracha. You know you want to. I just like saying it srrriracha. If you say it with an accent, you could almost pretend you’re not at work and on holidays. Kind of. Ok not really. Srrriracha.

There are options for all tastes, and yes, all the bowls (aside from the panko fish) are gluten free. So rejoice, glutards, rejoice. As mentioned, my personal fave is the Spicy Pork however I have tried them all and I can assure you, they’re all freakin’ amazeballs. Geez, haven’t said that in a while. Maybe it’ll make a comeback. Let’s hope not. There’s also the roll option for those preferring the hands as a serving tool of choice. Crispy banh mi ready for your tastebuds. You salivating yet?


For those who need that extra tasty treat to ensure you enter complete food coma once back in the office, they’ve also got some fine sweet potato chippies, and (Drumroll) crispy, fried, chicken ribs. I’m just going to let you stare at that shot for a while while I run to Paperboy and order some. These bad boys are a whopper of a serving for the price and come with that schweet sriracha mayo goodness. I tackled a Spicy pork bowl and these fellas a couple of weeks back and I warn you, don’t try this at home. I was in epic food coma that arvo. But hey, I’ll probably do exactly the same thing on my next visit.

Takeaway is also an option for the whole menu so if you want to go sit in the sunshine, when the sun decides to shine, go grab your bowl/roll and lay in the grass of flagstaff gardens and laugh at the weird backpackers who feel they need to sunbake in swimmers at every opportunity.


But wait. There’s more. Yes I have expressed my praise for the boy of paper, and as my parting words, I say. Leave room for that chili popcorn. It’ll rock your socks off. If I could somehow order a subscription to Paperboy popcorn I would. Maybe there’s a new venture for you guys.


Paperboy kitchen. Go eat some ribs. And some rolls and then roll back to the office. Awful pun, JP. Just awful. I don’t even know if that would be considered a pun it was so bad.

Ignore my rambles. Get to Paperboy. Before I eat it all.

Full marks to the P-man. 

(insert thumbs up emoji here)

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