Zomato + Locanda

I love tomatoes. I’ll eat them all day err’ day. So when a company that sounds like Tomato asked me to head along to Locanda for a bit of a ‘hey, how are you’ shindig, I of course accepted. So you don’t think I went to dinner with some form of super salad, I’ll clarify. Zomato are the new creative kids on the Urbanspoon block. Tackling the foodie site and giving us more info about our favourite topic, eating! Check out Urbanspoon and Zomato on the Google machine for more info.

The kids of Zomato around the world are catching up and calling it #zomatomeetup. This one was here in little ol’ Melbs at Exhibition St’s Locanda. With an option of bar, restaurant or private dining, these guys have the trifecta, and to be honest, the food was a lot more tasty than I was expecting. I’m one of those people who are always a bit skeptical about the restaurants connected to hotels….except for no.28…and Melba….ok so maybe there’s a few that have changed my mind.


Let’s cut to the good stuff. The food. But! First. The people! Must say, a damn cracking good group were in attendance at this fine meetup. Great team working for Zomato as well as some lovely bloggers where you of course have to do the awkward “Yes that’s your actual name, but what’s your blog name?” and then you realise that you are pretty much besties on Insty. Good times.


I’m on the 3 bean diet.

The Locanda staff greeted us with a tray of espresso martinis. My usual choice for a ‘dessert’ drink, and not pre-dinner, but hey, it was goooood.

The conversations were flowing about all of our first world issues, mostly revolving around food (sur-prise sur-prise), and we were soon shown to the adjoining room, with a beaaautiful marble table covered in food.

There was oysters, salt and pepper squid, crostini, poached duck and freakin amazing spicy pepperoni and prosciutto. Yes to everything, please.

IMG_2899 IMG_2897 IMG_2902

My plate was piled high and my portion control issues were in over drive. Pretty sure I had half the oysters…and the duck….and post of the plate of that prosciutto. I know, i’m a sucker for anything close to bacon. Fantastic spread by Locanda.

We were all having a brilliant time over Mumm Champagne and then I realised, hooray they’re all like me! The chefs walked through with a little bebeh roast pig and two huge racks of beef and the room went silent. Husband always says I stare at food instead of listening to the conversation at the table, and here were a table of people just. like. me. Yay. Friends.


Hey, Wilbur.


Watching the chef carve these babies was like watching Picasso or Michelangelo. Eyes wide. Cameras poised. We were ready to eat. Again. Fantastic. Crispy pork crackling to top it off? Yes. Yes. And yes again.

When scrolling through my photos, I must have had a brain fart when I was distracted by the pig and didn’t get a snap of my other favourite dish of the night. Fries. Truffle. Parmesan. Truffle Fries. *The crowd goes wild!*

I had seconds. And thirds. ok and a few more fries. Because they were truffle fries. Noone leaves truffle fries behind.

The Cab Sav was now flowing and this merry bunch was having a brilliant night. Especially now we were all chock full of meat and truffle goodness. No better way to be on a cold Melbourne night.

But of course it was soon time for that stomach to kick in. Dessert time.

IMG_3854 IMG_3849 IMG_3848

Yes I had both cheese and sweets. Don’t question it. Just go with it. Amazing chewy pistachio macaron. And the blue vein cheese. Ohhh the cheese.

Overall a great night out with a great crowd, definitely check out @edgeofmyplate and @olivesundays on Insty and in the blogosphere.

Locanda, good times.


Locanda Restaurant & Bar on Urbanspoon

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