The spoon of the serving variety.

Hm. Not your best title, JP. But far from the worst.

A couple of weekends ago, my future name sake JT and I ventured to the beautifully appointed, spacious….space of Servery and Spoon in Malvern. Our destination was the great and powerful Chadstone but of course we needed a lot of energy prior to entering into the monstrous building.

I have wanted to try Servery for a while now. Side note. Yes Servery and Spoon and I are now friends, so I just call him Servery for short. As soon as you walk in, you want to stay there all day. Fantastic, welcoming space with plenty of room for the masses. We managed to get there between the breakfast and lunch crews, so got a table straight away which is always a welcoming factor in Melbs.

Straight off the bat, the service was great. Noone rushed us, no rudeness. Just quality service with a smile. And yes. I’ve heard it a few times and I can confirm it. Everyone that wants to help you is good looking. Another reason to visit Servery soon. Not that you’ll need one after looking at our food.


Arty dranks shot.

I was ready for a feed and to curb the cravings whilst perusing the menu, I went with a Long Mac and an Orange juice. Cold pressed to be precise. I may be wrong. But it was exactly what I needed for this bright Saturday.

The conversation went from people watching, to wedding talk to everything in between and not once were we pushed to order. Grazie to the staff once again.

IMG_2438 (1)

We both umm’d and ahh’d but I knew I had to go with the Dukkah crusted eggs. Because its dukkah. On eggies. Enough said. This was easily once of the best breakfasts I have had in Melbs. And I have eaten A LOT of breakfasts. I very rarely venture to Malvern for breakfast, but this will change that for sure.

This brekky has all of my favourite things and more. They don’t even give you boring lemon. That’s griddled orange on the side of your plate there, JP. And it adds the perfect zing to the dish. Ah I sound wanky. But it’s really that good. The eggies are served with smashed avo (brekky staple), marinated goats cheese (breakfast/lunch/dinner/brunch/linner staple) and sautéed spinach on sourdough/gluten free bread for moi.

OH the flavour. I could have eaten a baker’s dozen of these eggs. I have an egg problem. I will probably one day turn into a chicken.


Now this snap got a lot of love on insty, and it’s not hard to see why. Everyone loves a bit of #yolkporn. I sliced open that bad boy and yolky goodness came oozing out. Ooooh. JT and I just sat there admiring it for a while. Damn delicious.

IMG_2437 (1)

JT’s brekky was as equally scrumptious with equally as amazing yolk porn. Her brekky was as pretty as a picture on the plat, with the eggs accompanied by asparagus and many many greens. Parmesan was also a welcome change to the usual brekky ‘dressings’ and the dish was gone in a flash.

I do warn you. There is a produce store connected to Servery and Spoon so don’t expect to leave without a big bag of goodies. That place has it all and more. They even sell fancy carry bags so your bag can match your fantastic produce. I could probably live at Servery and Spoon. I might just camp out the back and wander in whenever I need my fix of dukkah crusted eggs, ridiculous produce or even a damn fine cake.

Oh yes, the sweets cabinet up the front will make anyone drool. There’s flavours to match any tastebud. I guarantee you won’t be able to pay your bill without staring at that chocolate/chai/fruit/pastry goodness. Oh the goodness.

One brilliant morning. Oh, Servery. You are now, quite possibly, my favourite brekky spot in Melbourne. Sunshine, open spaces, fantastic food where they let a lot of the produce speak for itself. What more could you ask for!

Get there. Quickly. Ah-mazing.


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