Peter Rowland Catering. My new bestie.


Sunday. Funday. Festival. Yes.

The Melbourne Food & Wine Festival has landed here with a giant kerplunk! Odd sound effect choice but I am going to run with it.

Over the course of the festivals various restaurants, chefs, drummers and randoms in the street with be flexing their culinary muscles and showing off what Melbourne is known for….rain. I joke. Food, my friend. Food.

On Sunday I was invited to a Blogger brunch, where we gather together, talk about food, take photos of the food, look at the food, take more photos of the food, and finally, most importantly, we eat the food. We eat a lot of the food. Ok fine, we eat all of the food.


The brunch was put on by the lovely people of Peter Rowland catering and what a spread it was. Delicious samples of what is to come throughout the festival.

And yes for you party poopers, I am supposed to be on a gluten free diet at the moment, but let’s just hope my doctor doesn’t read my blogs….


mmm. Gluten.

Walking into our space, the incredible smell of fresh bread overpowered the senses and I was once again in awe of gluten.

The sun was shining (then it rained a little….then the sun came back) and we were ready. I love brunch. Totally an excuse to have sparkling and cheese before midday and feel as if you are doing it in a very classy manner.


The food just kept coming and it was delicious and the presentation was, as always with Peter Rowland, on point. We had ploughman’s boards piled with brilliant pumpkin bread, dips and cheeses, mushroom tartine, ham tartine and panzanella salads. The hardest part was acknowledging that you were full and trying to stop eating. As per usual, I failed at this miserably.


The mushroom tartine was delicious with the goat’s cheese. Well let’s face it, anything is delicious with good goat’s cheese.

I have often discussed the term of ‘breakfast dessert’, which is totally a thing. Especially when dining at cafes like LBSS with delicious hashtag-raw treaties in their cabinet up front. So as you can imagine, brunch dessert is definitely a thing too. ESPECIALLY when Tivoli road are involved.

Enter donuts. Bloggers drooling. Silence.


They were moved around to get the best angle, this way and that, with one almost making an escape off the side of the table. These babies were photographed more than Eddie Redmayne at the Oscars. (Side note: pausing to reflect on the gorgeousness that is Eddie Redmayne…..)

Tivoli Road Bakery are known for these scrumptious morsels of fluffy gluten and today was no exception. The bloggers were on them like seagulls to the last hot chip on the beach. I grabbed a lemon curd donut which was curd-ilicious. The tart lemon filling broke up the sugary dough and ahh I was in heaven. So much love for the donut. We also discussed how insty has so much love for the donut. Whack a donut or a burger on there and the ‘likes’ go cray cray. We all love the bad food that’s oh so good.


We were chatting for a while and although the discussion was very entertaining, there was a lonely donut just sitting there staring at me that kept my attention. Oh Mr Donut, it’s ok. I’m here. So I of course, took one for the team and sampled/devoured the last donut which was the salted caramel filled donut.

Now don’t sound the alarms, but I’ll admit I am not really a fan of salted caramel. I’ll tolerate it. I mean its salt…and caramel. But it’s not my top choice. This was a great donut but I definitely preferred the lemon curd.

After I while I managed to stand and roll myself away from the delicious feast from Peter Rowland. Any event. I will have you on speed dial, sir.

Brilliant way to start a day and I can’t wait to sample more of what the festival of festivals has to offer.

JP x

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