I scream, you scream, Yarra Valley Ice Cream!

It’s a hard life being a food blogger. Our portion control issues are continuously tested time and time again and I fail every time. When someone asks you, “We have 12 flavours for you to try today, how many would you like?”….the answer is always 12. 12 indeed. Always 12.

IMG_1951 copy

Recently, I was invited to a sneak peak taste test of the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery’s Ice cream Festival! That’s right, my friend. 12 days ahead of creamy deliciousness. 12 days. It’s probably better than the 12 days of Christmas for us food folk. No partridges in a pear tree here! Or you might even find a delicious pear gelato. Mmm ice cream.


My day. Tough life. 

Each day the Ice creamery will have 12 different flavours available. So let’s do that maths….that’s 144 different flavours to try over the span of the festival! I’m on 12 currently and looking forward to making a good dent in the other 132. (That’s right, I can count too. Not just a pretty face).

I ventured into the lovely Q studio to sample these delicious treaties and was in sugar heaven. Yep. All part of the bride diet by JP.

It was ridiculously hard to choose a favourite and I think I changed my mind about 12 times. There will be flavours to suit any palette at the festival, even those who love the classics.


I ate allll that. Pat on the back.

To give you an insight into my ice cream love – I do prefer the standard gelati that you would find in a gelateria in a backstreet of Florence. Give me a bucket of pistachio and hazelnut and I’m a happy lady. Messina probably has too much going on for me. My fave at the moment would have to be Spring Street Grocer. So for me, the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie festival is the perfect combination. And remember there is also the ridiculously large free sample bowls of melt in the mouth chocolate to tempt you there as well.

I got to sample a range of goodies and started off with the chocolate brownie. The brownie being the Chocolaterie’s best seller. And for good reason. I have demolished one (ok, several) of those bad boys in the past and let me tell you, that is one damn fine brownie. Close your eyes and imagine this (I just realised the error of my writing being that you can’t close your eyes and read at the same time, but you get the idea…) ….


Melted couverture milk chocolate with chunks of their scrumptious brownie. Oh yes. Rich, deliciousness that’s fun for the whole family. Unless you give a litre of it to a 3 year old, then you’ll have crazy sugar times ahead.

Another favourite was definitely the Lemon Myrtle Sorbet. A surprise for me for sure. Big fan of lemon sorbet usually but I was expecting the lemon myrtle to be overpowering and I thought I might be digging into a herb garden’s worth of flavours. Boy was I wrong. I had sampled a few of the rich flavours by this point (snickers, peanut brittle, pancake) so this was oh so refreshing with great flavours. Mhm. As my fellow blogger @gastronomel (look her up, she’s great) pointed out, this would be bloody delicious mixed with Limoncello. Mhm. Perfection.


There’s even a flavour for you licorice-loving folk. Trust me, I’ve never been a fan of licorice in any form. But the flavour of this gelato was delicious! Mixed in with the tang of fresh raspberries and that was a winner. Not mywinner, but will definitely be a big seller.

Now drum roll. It took me a while. Hours in fact. And many discussions with the poor team at the Q studio to finally decide on my favourite of the 12 I sampled. I’m going to have to go with the Dark Orange. (Tadaaaa). This was a rich, intense sorbet that was broken up by orange peel and a hint of Grand Marnier. Oh lordy, it was good. And as it’s a sorbet, it’s pretty much #cleaneating. Right?

It bordered on tasting like the best cake batter you’ve ever tasted. Which is of course an excellent trait. I know you’ve all licked the mixing bowl, or spoon, or both many a time. Don’t lie. We all have.

If you see it at the festival, eat it. Eat it all. Actually eat all of them. And you can! For a sample of the 12 flavours available on the day, you only pay $12! I feel like I should be advertising a set of steak knives as well with this kind of enthusiasm, but I reckon that is a brilliant price to sample some of Victoria’s finest.

There will also be an Ice Cream menu of delicious sundaes etc to choose from if you want to go that extra mile with your affection for Ice cream.

Plus you can sit back and let the kids run off the sugar in the beautiful outdoor areas that the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie shows off every day. Ah I sound like the girl on Getaway, but trust me, go there. Eat all the things. Roll home. It’s worth it.

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery


18th Feb – 1st March

(Yes it’s on right now. Right. Now. Go!)

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