Hello, Operator?

So I work in the ‘daggy’ end of the city. My area is the jeans-joggers combo of the fancy outfit of Melbs. We struggled for decent cafes for a while there but now, the hospo peeps are seeing the potential of jeans and joggers and we’ve graduated to Nike frees and black skinny jeans. Ha oh JP, please give up on the fashion analogies.

Cut a long story short – Operator 25 is in town and has been for a while now. Serving damn good food and cawfee to the kids of Melbs.

I ventured there recently with ma work buddy MB, fellow foodie and fellow bacon lover. We started with cold brew coz that’s how we roll. It was good. Not strong enough for me, to be honest.


Whenever I say the phrase ‘strong enough’, I think of that part in Harry Potter where someone says to his buddy Voldemort, ‘But master, you are not strong-g enough’. And he pronounces the word ‘strong’ really phonetically. Just me?

Back to the coffee. We are both used to the super strong Sbriga cold brew (Little Lonsdale’s italiano gem) so this was a little lighter than we had hoped for. But still a nice, smooth drop. Or drip. Cold drip. Yep, continue.

We had both been drooling over Insty picks of Operator’s corn fritters so MB ordered them quick smart. With bacon. Of course.

IMG_1363Brilliant party on a plate.

Duck egg yolk porn galore. Amazing dish. The finished, bare plate was testament enough. Such great flavours and with crispy, fluffy fritters, it’s a no brainer. Heirloom tomatoes, smooth-as goat’s cheese. Ah I’m drooling thinking about it. Unfortunately not gluten free, so I decided to peruse for something else.

There are a few GF options at Operator 25 so I decided to stick in the no-gluten zone as requested and give the salad a crack. This exceeded my expectations 10 fold. It was so tasty, I would have had thirds. Right, not that unusual but so good! There was everything in this grain salad and the flavours were fantastic. Highly recommend!


Oh and I added bacon. And I dare say it; it didn’t need it. How could I say such a thing? Because the salad was THAT good.

We had great service that day as well, nothing better than a damn tasty meal and lovely peeps to serve it to you. Great lunch spot for any city slicker.

I’ve had a couple of hits and misses with Operator 25 but this was a great experience and hope they will continue.

Come down the daggy end of the city some time and check out the Operator goodness.


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