Shanghai Version New-Point-Oh. New Shanghai.

Ha, JP, you’re hilarious.

So. Yes I’m getting married. My future sister in law has my first name. So, yep, we are going to end up with the same name. Think of the fun we will have. Ok there’s not alot we can realllly do. But hey, we can try and confuse as many people as possible.

To discuss our future endeavours, I took her to Emporium’s lotus flower in thorns, New Shanghai. I was invited to sample their fare by ID Collective and golly gosh. I am so glad I was. And to those haters (who gonna hate hate hate) and say ‘Ah you’re going to talk up it, coz you got it fo’ free….”, think about the times you told yo’ mamma you didn’t like her cooking, and you got that fo’ free. I’ll tell you if I don’t like something. (finger click click click).

Back to the place of amazingness.


Ahhhhhh. (Angel sound. Not sound effects from a scary movie)

From the moment we entered, the staff were fantastic. We felt so relaxed throughout the entire dinner and not rushed at all. Nothing worse than needing to keep a dumpling on your plate so you’re not kicked out. Especially as I’m the one who usually wants to eat the last one. New Shanghai has got the service, the fitout and the damn tasty food combo.

We settled into the lively atmosphere with a lovely glass of T’Gallant Pinot Gris. We were offered the valentines day special cocktail of a Chocolate Martini, but I wasn’t sure that would mesh well with some dumpling love….

Yes I have recently been advised to try a Gluten Free diet by the doc, but when offered gluten, you take the gluten.

With a huge menu, it was so hard to make a decision for those of us decision-al-ly challenged. So we left it in the trusty hands of our waiter.


The best of the best. Hutong eat your words. There’s a new dumpling king in town.

First up were the silky as …silk  Xiao Long Bao, aka steamed mini pork buns. These little bags of goodness were filled with delicious, hot pork and a light broth that was just amazing. Adding the pickled ginger and vinegar was just delicious and these were gobbled up by JT and I momentarily. These are, by far the best dumplings I’ve had. No joke. Go there. Right now. Well they are closed now. But go. Soon.


Pan Fried Pork Dumpling. SO Crispy.

Next up were the Pan Fried Pork Dumplings. At first, I was surprised they had served very similar fillings to us. But after one bite, I was so glad they did. Loved the crisp bottom layer of the dumpling and the flavour of the pork inside was delicious once again. I can’t find any more descriptions that compare to these dumplings and mini buns. AH-MAZING. I didn’t want to stop eating. And I didn’t.


Chinese New Year Speciality.


Delicious bok choy and sneaky shiny mushrooms that wouldn’t come into focus.

Admittedly, we were rather full after the dumpling deliciousness, however we ‘forced’ ourselves to keep eating. The next dish is a Chinese New Year speciality of stirfried Rice Cakes, pork mince and XO sauce. Incredibly massive serving. Just the way we like it.

Ok, I’ll also admit I wasn’t exaccctly sure what the rice cakes were until we were informed. I probably wouldn’t have chosen this dish if I was just perusing the menu so I am glad we were served it! Great flavours and who doesn’t love XO sauce.

We thought we were done. But. wait. The smell hit me before the dish came to the table. Enter the crab of the soft shell variety. Wish you could catch these bad boys in the crab pots. But you need some serious skill to make it taste this good.


Crispy. Salt. Pepper. Crab.

I do often overlook salt and pepper squid/calamari/crab as there is never enough ‘meat’ for my liking. Enter this dish. Fantastic tempura coating and it let the crab meat speak for itself. Brilliant dish. Highly recommend. Massive portion again. Perfect for those of us with #portioncontrolissues. I’m not sure JT wants me to marry her brother now she is fully aware of how much I can consume. Ha, who am I kidding, she knew I eat a ridiculous amount of food.

We were offered an array of desserts, but, yes I’ll say it, I was too full to go near it.

It wasn’t until we left that I noticed the line of people waiting to get in! Not once did we feel rushed, nor were we hurried along, or asked if we would like the cheque (my pet hate…if we wanted the cheque…we would ask for it!)

Thanks to the team at New Shanghai for providing a great atmosphere to some cracking food.

I was a bit sceptical about a restaurant within a shopping centre. But hey, Emporium isn’t a ‘shopping centre’ and New Shanghai certainly isn’t just any restaurant.


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