Do the Mexi-fonda

5 6 7 now, come on and I’ll show you how, work it, work it lil mumma, that’s how we do the Jane Fonda. 

That song has been in my head ever since JT and I went to Fonda. Yes, i know it has nothing to do with that song and yes I may have got the words wrong. But you get it. Right? Ah geez, I went too far with the joke and now it’s awkward. Nice, JP.

So let’s move on to the delicious Fonda goodness. Admittedly tried Fonda’s kanga-quinoa burrito a couple of years ago and was naaat impressed. BUT BUT BUT.

This time. It. Was. Delicious. Our destination was Fonda Hawthorn on Glenferrie Rd. Coz 146353 cuisines on the one street wasn’t enough already.

IMG_1378 Fancy Fonda Sign with arty train passing. Nice.

And nope, I’m not sure why I would have chosen a kanga-quinoa burrito either. Must have been going through a faux healthy phase. Ha. So young and naive.

Due to the doc’s recommendation to try being a glutard for a while, I thought Mexicano would be a schweet idea. And Yep, pat on the back, I was right.

To all my GF homies, mexican has come to solve all your I-miss-real-pasta blues.


 Corn chips & Guac. So good. Want now.


JT and I started with the corn chips, guac and salsa. I must say, the guac was off the chi-zang.

Best I’ve had in a while. I rate my home made guac rather highly (because it’s awesome) and this trumped it by a long shot. Great flavour.

Next up I went with the fish tacos. Corn tacos for those playing at home. I love fish tacos. I love fish tacos almost as much as I love bacon, my dramatic Puggle….oh and my fiancé. These were brilliant. Fish was cooked really well, tacos weren’t heavy, blah blah blah go and try them and eat a dozen.


Fish Taco Taco.


JT went with the beef tacos which were super well received as well. Next time you might even say, perche no los dos?? (Da da da da da da da) and have both!

IMG_1382 Beef Taco Taco.

Fonda Hawthorn has only recently opened and it was packed when we were there for din din at nana time so make sure you get in early! Love the fitout too. I’m not going to try explain….it’s just funky. (Do do do do uptown funk you up uptown funk you up). Yep, not sure why my head is a jukebox today.

For dessert we sent each other ESP messages and both walked out and straight into Yochi. The dessert where somehow you feel like you’re eating healthily and then cover it in mini m&ms. Always a fave.

Fonda Hawthorn. 9/10

Fonda on Urbanspoon

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