New year. Brew beer. It rhymes.

So. Hey there!

2015. The big two-zero-one-five is here. What a year it will be.

This is the year that I, JP, will become JT. Gonna be a wifey. And no, I do not believe any form of bride diet will be entering my JPosphere. But I’m sure you knew that already. Food glorious foooood. Still in a bit of a food coma from the bday degustation (‘digger-station’ according to fiancé) last night at The Grand. But you can hear about that later.

Rambles. Ok.

So it’s raining. And chilly. And I’m drinking cold brew cawfee. Seemed like a good idea at the time. And now I have goose bumps. Remember those books? Not talking about them in that sense….just remembered those books. Could never read them before I went to sleep. Such realistic books, especially ones like the hammerhead stalking the kids in the lake. Mhm. Prime territory for hammerhead sharks – lakes….
Right. Whoops. Where were we? Yes the weather. Oh, Melbs.

I was sposed to go lawn bowling tomorrow for my birthday. Oh Jessica. Planning an outside activity in Melbourne in summer, you silly lady. Of course it’s predicted to rain.

This year I do indeed plan on providing you with even more rambles about delicious foodie experiences. And yes, I will continue to use the term foodie as long as I love food. And bacon. I heart bacon. That won’t change either. Oink.

Came to work this morning and managed to lock myself in the fire stairs. Again. You so clever. Older and not a lot wiser.
That’s me for now. Wishing you all the best for 2015 and I will be coming at you with more rambles oh so soon.

Peace out.

JP x

One thought on “New year. Brew beer. It rhymes.

  1. Happy birthday for yesterday JP! Hope you had a great day and enjoy your bday celebrations tomorrow! Hopefully the weather is better for your wedding :)!

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