Noodle Night.

The clouds were coming in. The sun was shining. It was starting to rain and the wind was picking up. Just your average day in good old Melbs.

Fiancé and I were off on our first doodle date. Yep that’s a dinner noodle night date. Aka a doodle date. Google may disagree so I don’t recommend looking it up.



The night noodle markets have invaded Birrarung Marr for the 2nd year and this year they’ve come with a much larger artillery. The big boys of Kong and Chin Chin (Chinniny chinniny chin chin eroo) have added their star power to a much larger line up in 2-0-1-4 and the food is pho-nomenal. Oh the puns.

Our doodle was with (not so)Fat Tony and his lovely Lau and we of course also brought along our ability to eat all the food. And that’s what we did.

Unfortunately Melbs’ weather didn’t really come to the party so we ducked and darted under umbrellas, to get to as many stalls as possible before the rain had soaked through the clothes. The things we do for food.


Chin Chin  

Chin Chin on Urbanspoon


Sticky Pork on your fork.

Our initial wanderings took us to the top of the hill where the sensational Chin Chin was sitting proudly. Small crowds were gathering so we thought we would hit up the king pin first. Fatty & I went with the Sticky Pork deliciousness and Lau & fiancé went with the Massaman.



Massaman lovin’

Both summed up as freakin delicious. They really can do no wrong. The pork was so well cooked especially considering how much they are churning out at the markets and fiancé was almost licking his bamboo bowl of massaman juices. The sticky pork also had a bit of kick which was most welcomed. Wanted more. As per usual.

With the smells of Asian delights drawing us in 15342 directions, we made our way to the lower levels and was immersed in the smells of Wonderbao, Mamak, Hammer & Tong…gah the list goes on.


Wonderbao on Urbanspoon


Pork Bao wow wow wow

The others went with the Pork Bao from Wonderbao and were raving about the fluffy bun and succulent porky, so what more can you ask for. I wandered back and forth trying to decide what to choose. Oh the decisions! Even a plain roti sounded oh so tempting.


Charlie Dumpling

Charlie Dumpling on Urbanspoon



Check out them peas.


I ended up landing on Charlie Dumpling, and although the fried chicken wings sounded divine, I thought I’d be healthy (for now) and try the cured salmon with soba noodles. So brilliant. So simple. Nothing better than simple stuff done well. The salmon sashimi was delicious and hey, who doesn’t love wasabi peas! Well JP, I’m sure there are a few people who don’t like them but we will  just accept this error in their judgement and move on.




The entertainment at the night noodle markets is fantastic, and I’m not just talking about the groups of people huddled around their food taking photos at every angle. We all do it, don’t lie. Music, atmosphere, millions of cultures meshing, it’s great. Brilliant night out.




On our travels we grabbed a couple of bevvies and of course I had to go for the pretty cup and have had a Tanqueray and Tonic. Don’t know how much Tanq was in the tonic, but hey, it was still yum.

Lau was starting to slow down in the eating race and was holding out for some very traditional Asian churros but the three of us kept pushing on into the savouries.


Mr Miyagi.

Mr. Miyagi on Urbanspoon



Mr M. says eat all the things.

I had seen many an Insty photo of the Mr Miyagi (wax on wax off) taco. Aka the sushi taco. Aka the taco shell made of tempura nori. Damn delicious. There was kewpie, there was salmon, there was rice there was Sriracha (maybe)…all in a crunchy taco. Mhm. Mexicasian. It’s catching.



I’ll take half a pig thanks.


On our wandering travels, fiancé was kept mesmerised by many a foodie walking around with giant meat shashlik type things and so he was on a mission to find it and Hoy Pinoy was the answer. However he was completely distracted by the giant pigs on the rotisserie and ended up ordering essentially a big plate o’ pork. And what spectacular pork it was. So flavoursome, not dry at all, mhhhhm.



Friiiied chicken. Drool


Fatty went with some delicious fried chicken drumettes (apologies don’t know much about these fellas) from Palar Palam (my bad, guessing at the name….) and as the theme of the night continued, they were awesome too! Check out those thangs.


St Ali 

St Ali on Urbanspoon


Coconut Affogato deliciousness.


To keep with the traditional Asian theme, Lau got her delicious churros and fiancé and I decided on coconut ice-cream affogati from St Ali. Oh yes, that was definitely a good idea. Fantastic ice-cream, super creamy and the coffee…well it’s St Ali so they can do no wrong when it comes to the caffeinated stuff.

Overall a super dooper fun night out and a great spot to laze around and eat a ridiculous amount of food on a summers evening. Definitely worth checking out.


Peace out.



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