It’s the most wonderful time of the year….for foodies. Good Food Month has landed in Melbourne allowing us all to gorge ourselves with food with the excuse of a fancy titled month. Here here! Along with the lovely month of foodiness, comes the Taste of Melbourne festival of which I ventured to on Saturday with my Feyonce. Mhm. He’s that awesome, I am giving him Beyonce rights. Coz he liked it and so he put a ring on it, woah oh oh….yep sorry back to the food.


The foodies prepping.

I was ridiculously excited about this fantastic festival and purchased many a Crown (taste currency) so I could eat all the things. And that we did.


Paul Louis in plastic. Stylish.

We sipped on some Paul Louis as we perused the map and planned out a couple of key eating spots. There are so many stalls spruiking their fare as well so make sure you head along next year to grab some goodies.

First for the food, I made a beeline for Mr Claws. Or should I say I lobster rolled to Mr Claws. Ba-zing! Brilliant pun work there JP. The new concept for Daniel Wilson and the Huxtaburger team was causing quite a raucous! They definitely didn’t disappoint.


Buttermilk Mr Claws.


Spic-ae Mr Claws.

As I wear the pants, I took on the spicy lobster brioche beauty while Feyonce went with the buttermilk variety. Both were chockers full of fantastic lobster meat and mine had a slight kick of chili. Could have handled more chili but understand they want to please the crowds! I would have preferred a baguette sized portion of this bad boy but stuck to one as there were so many other stalls calling my name….


Sippin’ vino in the sunshine

Love a festival such as Taste. Everyone in attendance is just there to enjoy the day and eat as much as possible in their 4 hour window. It definitely was my happy place.

Gazi on Urbanspoon



Feyonce had heard a lot about the soft shell crab souvlaki from Gazi so that was where he headed next. Look at that bebeh. Crispy crabby goodness in a fluffy souva. Mhm. I unfortunately can’t comment on the taste as it was inhaled before my very eyes. That was Feyonce’s dish of the day though so that must mean it was damn fine.

Nieuw Amsterdam
Nieuw Amsterdam on Urbanspoon

Whilst he ventured to Gazi-land I waited with the masses to get some sweeeeet pork hock nuggets from my main man Nieuw Amsterdam. Rocked up the front to order my nuggets (x2…for Feyonce too….maybe) and the lovely lady recognised me as a lunch guest from a couple of days prior. OK ok. I admit it, Cmac and I ventured there for a very indulgent Reuben last week.


Hello, lover.

Look at that fella. If you are yet to experience Nieuw Amsterdam or their Reuben awesomeness. Go. Now. Make sure to demolish your chips. They’re heavenly. And there’s Sriracha mayo. I’ll let you drool before I go on. The nuggets were fried to perfection and the pork hock was so soft and mmm. Ah dear, I want some right now.



The wandering continued, and thankfully the heavens didn’t open up as predicted. To rest our weary legs from all the eating so far, we jumped up into the Munich Brauhaus bier kart and had a couple of Munich bevvies whilst people watching. The bier kart had a mind of its own for a while there and continuously edged closer to a nearby tent. I had visions of a fantastic YouTube video of us plummeting through the festival, but unfortunately the kart’s handbrake stopped that from going down.


Mamasita on Urbanspoon

A lot of people (ok, maybe 3 people and my friends monkey) have questioned my dislike for Mamasita. I mean, we’re not enemies…maybe just frenemies, or friends that do that high pitched “Hiii” when they run into each other when they haven’t had a chance to run in the opposite direction.  I just don’t rate it and think waiting on the stairs could be spent at a much better Mexican place. SO I thought I’d see if my opinion had changed and ventured to get a fish taco from the Mamasita stand.

IMG_1900Fish taco. No dice. 

Sorry. Still don’t get the hype. Yep, understand their line was ridiculously long and so they were pumping out the tacos. But it wasn’t up to par, sorry signor. The texture of the taco itself is probably what gets to me and the lack of ‘filling’. Still rate Senoritas above it. (Meyers Lane, check it out).

Whilst I was talking to myself and wondering why I spent my beloved Crowns at Mamasita, Feyonce had ventured to Brooks and sampled their wallaby dish.

Brooks on Urbanspoon


Cured Flinders Island Wallaby with oyster cream, yoghurt and dill.

What a dish. Think the jury is still out on this one. The wallaby was delicious with the hint of oyster…but it was just too cold. I feel like goldilocks.  The yoghurt/oyster cream might have just come out of the freezer, and although I’m not sure if it was meant to be served that way, Feyonce and I unfortunately weren’t fans of it. Would still give it a go at Brooks though with the full kitchen power behind the meals.

With all the stands at Taste, it’s definitely hard to stand out but Vinaceous wines definitely caught our eye. Mr Vinaceous was explaining that although based in WA, they travel around a bit to find the best vineyards to source for their wines. Moving around a lot…make segway to a travelling circus….


Vino time.

Bam. Check out that label. 7 different wines with 7 different personalities. Admittedly, if I saw it in a store without trying it first, I’d be a bit sceptical, but these are some delicious wines. We sampled the Blanc de blanc, the Shiraz and the Cab Sav and ended up buying a mixed dozen. Tasty wine with labels that definitely get you talking.


Huxtaburger on Urbanspoon



There was one line that we hadn’t hit up yet and we both knew it was time to sample the Burger of Huxta.  I’d ventured to Huxtaburger before, always choosing the Denise (the hot one ha brilliant marketing)…but Feyonce has never sampled it. We both went with the Huxtaburger Jnr which was “realllly yum” – according to Feyonce. Succulent meat patty, right sauce ratios on the baby bun. Yep that’s what we felt like. Massive line too, so a well cooked, hot, fresh burger was very welcomed!

Pope Joan
Pope Joan on Urbanspoon

So, we of course had to end on a sweet treat. I’d heard about Pope Joan’s ‘Mr Wilkie’ but have never sampled. So I was uber excited to give him a go. Surprisingly there wasn’t even a line, even though it had scored top dish at Taste. The hoards were after their #bpxmas selfie at the Burch and Purchese stand right next door. Yep their sweet treats would be ridiculously delicious, but com eon people, branch out!

 IMG_1916 IMG_1917 IMG_1919He’s number 1. 

What a dessert. I would go to Pope Joan just to get this smoked yoghurt. Freakin’ amazing. I wanted a whole tub of it. Brilliant flavours, thrown together to create the world’s best McFlurry-type-thing. Bravo, Popey. Bravo. Definitely was my favourite dish of the day, with the Lobster Roll taking out a very, very close 2nd place.

Fantastic day out, and although a tad pricey for some items, definitely worth it for the atmosphere and the chance to have all these maestros in the same space. Portion control issues were in overdrive all day and loved every minute of it…except for the fish taco. Ouch.

Bring on #tasteofmelbourne 2015.  I’ll be expanding my stomach in anticipation.

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