Jasper. Jetsons. No Jasper, JP. Jasper.

Jasper. Makes me think of the Jetsons. Isn’t their dog named Jasper? Oh wait, nope. Google tells me it’s Astro. So no real idea why I thought of the Jetsons when I went to the Jasper. Anyway, the Jetsons have no connection to the Jasper, in the slightest, so I am going to stop talking about George, Jane, Judy, Elroy and Astro. Right now.

Back to the Jasper! A few bloggers and I were invited to the Jasper Hotel on Elizabeth St last week to sample the new menu and check out the new ‘digs’. Previously the YWCA, (do do do do do do it’s fun to stay at the…), the Jasper took over in early 2000 but it has recently had a facelift and looks fantastic.


Entrance to the corporate area…love those lights


Fancy camera photo of some lights and poles

For the information driven folk, Jasper is a rock/stone/hard thing found near billabongs and that ‘bush theme’ has been kept throughout the hotel with the tones used in the furniture and the style of the overall hotel. The rooms are very minimalistic and feature some very comfy beds. Totally wanted to lie down but resisted.


Room tour. Yep. We fancy.

Really liked that hallway. We were there at night and yet it makes you feel as if you’re walking through at midday with the sun streaming through window cracks. A nice change to the regular hallway.

For those of you, like me, who can’t seem to survive without checking Instagram every 2.5 seconds, all guests receive free Wi-Fi. Appelles amenities are also in the bathrooms coz hey, everyone likes to smell nice.


Brilliant courtyard space.



The old basketball court area has to be the draw card of the place though. Fantastic. Where else you can find somewhere like this in the CBD, who knows. Fantastic area for entertaining, whether it be corporate or private. The vertical garden would be seen from numerous rooms facing into the courtyard as well which is always a nice touch.

The Jasper has pinched a perfect spot for i touristi as well with a tram stop right out ze front and it sits in walking distance to pretty much everything including Queen Vic Markets and the new-ish Emporium. Managed to walk around Emporium last week and not get lost. Miracle.

Now of course to the important part. The food.


Tapas galore. Them meatballs. Mhm.


Slider trio when you can’t make up your mind.

We were served some great tapas to kick off the evening. Firstly, absolutely hilarious dining with other bloggers. There’s this sense of acceptance that everyone knows they can’t start eating until each person at the table has taken a photo of their meatballs from every possible angle, added 12 filters to see what they look like, and then probably take 5 more photos just to capture the essence of said meatball. I make fun, but we all do it. Bloglyf.

Favourites were definitely the meatballs (Albondegas de Carne) and the marinated olives (Aceitunas a la Madrileña)…I think I’m going to call olives Aceitunas all day every day now. Pretty sure I ate all the olives at our table. Sorry guys. With a head chef hailing from Brazil, there are a lot of fantastic influences on the tapas and you can get your hands on some delicious food.


Pan Fried Salmon Fillet with Sweet Corn Pure, Zucchini Flowers, Chinese Kale and Soy Mirin glaze

For main I decided on the Salmon with Zucchini flower. The salmon was probably a little too overcooked for my liking. But I would eat it if they served up the whole fish raw so you better try it for yourself. And anything with zucchini flowers is ok by me.


Prosciutto. Mmm. Crispy.

The other mains looked great and I had a little bit of food envy with the crispy prosciutto on that chicken. Mmm. Prosciutto.

Conversation was brilliant as a side note. Laughing about ridiculous topics and of course always coming back to our one true love. Food. Who had been where, who didn’t rate stuff, who had eaten the most in the past week. I reckon I was a contender for top spot in that one.

Although I, as usual, didn’t realllly need to keep eating, it was dessert time. And as others at the table pointed out, females have an extra stomach for dessert. Om nom nom.


Someone get me a spoon!

After much deliberating I went with the Vanilla Crème Brulee….because its crème brulee. Although the chocolate fondant and the Almond Pannacotta sounded ridiculously tempting.

The crème brulee was damn delicious. I demolished it in record time and also tried about 3 other people’s desserts in the meantime. Bravo, JP. Cementing your ‘portion control issues’ status in society.

Overall a great evening at an incredibly accommodating hotel. Ha ‘scuse the pun. Fantastic facilities for corporate groups in particular and a handy bar and restaurant for that area of town.

Cheers, Jasper.

(Going to be singing the Jetsons song all day now)

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