I had to share my spectacular start to my Friday. As, with like a lot of things with me, it definitely did not go as planned.

I did NOT have a good start.

Well I kinda did. Any morning involving free stuff is a good day. Especially when that day is a Friday.

I was hungry coz I didn’t have yucky cereal. NB. Coles ditched my fave muesli and replaced it with their brand equivalent. Not cool Coles, not cool.

Trained into city for workies. Train ride was uneventful. No people watching stories unfortunately.

Got to city. Went to buy a coffee at Spriga. Yeahhh Spriga. Got to try their muesli square. Delicious muesli, in a square. Yum yum.

Then went into the building and they were giving out yoghurts and gave me 4! Yay.

Greek style with Blueberry. Not sure how much greek was in the greek style, but hey I liked it. NB. I did not eat 4 in one go.

I came into the office with my coffee and 4 yoghurts.

I put one of the yoghurts on my desk with my coffee and went to go upstairs to put the others in the fridge. (NB. I now have 3 yoghurts in my hand)

I went into the fire stairs to walk up to the kitchen and I realised I didn’t have my pass. Security pass. Required to get in and out of levels.

SO. I had to walk down the 8 flights to the ground floor with my 3 yoghurts, to get into the lift, go back to level 8 and wait for someone to let me in.

And of course, the only person I saw in the lift was our CEO. Lovely guy, but hey, not the person you want to see when your traipsing around your office with 3 yoghurts.

“You’re travelling light today!” …he exclaimed. (sounds like I am reading a kids book)

Oh, mr CEO. You don’t realise what I’ve been through to get these yoghurts into their cold fridgey home.

Caught the lift back up, retrieved the evil security pass, got to the kitchen, put the yoghurt in the fridge and they were finally happy. Yay for the yoghurts.

Now I have cold coffee and a warm yoghurt on my desk.

Oh what a day. And its only 8.05.

Bravo JP, bravo.


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