Greener pastures in Green Park

St Ali has moved on and Green Park has rolled on in to the concrete jungle.

Welcome, new friend. Welcome.

photo 1 (3)

Jesse Gerner (Bombaaaa, Anadaaaa) has taken ownership of this spiffy space. Sort of like superman. Café by day, swanky bar and restaurant by night. Ps. Dinner menu looks superb. So def heading there for some sneaky cocktails and many plates of food soon.

There’s some heavy weight influences from Le Bon Ton, MoVIda, Circa, Cutler & Co and my fave City Wine Shop, who have joined forces to create Green Park Dining.

On my favourite day of the week, known as the RDO, I ventures here for a bit of lunch and people watching. When I first moved to Melbs, I had never eaten a meal out by myself but now I’ve done it plenty and love it! (Sorry fiancé, I do love dining with you too). You can people watch, eat as much as you like and take a million photos and no one is there to judge you. Muahaha.

Was seated at a perfect people watching table and immediately started eavesdropping on a mother-daughter duo discussing the most horrid first world problems. Chanel v Lagerfeld options and where to go over Christmas, Italy or New York. I tell ya, they had it tough. When I laughed at one of their jokes, I think I was sprung and it got awkward.

Felt like a millennium before I was approached for my order. Not sure if that was because the waitress took a while or because of the awkward tension between me and mother-daughter duo.

I started off with the daily detox juice of carrot, orange and grapefruit. Delicious. Wanted more.  Perfect balance and oh so orange. Maybe a tad small for ze price but hey, it was yummy, probs didn’t need any more than that.

photo 2 (1)

Detoxifying….whilst eavesdropping

After detoxing with the juice, the natural thing to do was to obviously order the oh so healthy hunk of cider braised pork and silver beet.

Yes I realize I created a food oxymoron by ordering this combo, but hey I do what I want! Food-oxymoron. OR, a foxymoron. Kinda like Kim Kardashian but sans Kanye. Ohhh snap.

photo 3 (2)

Cider braised pork with silver beet

As you can see with my amazing photography above, the pork looked pretty spectacular. I could smell it before it even came within eyesight. So amazing. Admittedly, the skin was pretty chewy and lacked a little somethin’ somethin’, but the meat was fantastic and the vegies hit the spot. Although, the dish was packed with a LOT of oil which was a tad overpowering.

All the treaties looked super tempting, but as I had just demolished half of Wilbur, decided against it and pulled myself away from the cabinet

Definitely going to check out the set menu dinner options on Friday and Saturday nights. Oh yes and will have to add a charcuterie to that. Because, it’s charcuterie. Definitely worth a go.


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