Rubiki. Like Rafiki. But not.

Rubiki. Like Rafiki. But not a monkey from the Lion King. It’s a café. Ok so now we have that sorted out, moving on.

I like eating. Fact. Ok. Fine. I love eating. So when new cafés open in my local ‘burbs. Well, it’s a very exciting moment. (Cue whoop whoop)

Rubiki café in Ringwood has opened recently and it’s bringing the good stuff with it. Quaint little place with minimal outdoor seating so fiancé and I grabbed a little table out the front on the fantastic Sunday morning mother natured served us last weekend.

First up, Padre coffee. Tick. Big fan. Delicious Long Mac for me and cappuccino for fiancé. He had finished his before I’d even sipped. Not an uncommon occurrence.

photo 1

Sunday mornings with Padre.

Fantastic service from the get go, which as my ‘fans’ (ok, my mum) would know, is a big deal for me. Lovely young lass explaining the menu and then giving me ample time to choose several options and then choose something else and finally make a decision. My decision was so amazing in fact, that fiancé had the exact same. Boring for foodie photos but gives the dish a good wrap.

photo 2

Smashed, poached and toasted. New movie. Out soon.

We went with the smashed avo with grains and goats cheese on the best sourdough I’ve had in a long time. Crispy crust, come at me. Also added a poached egg and some chorizo. Because. It’s chorizo. In the morning.

photo 3 (1)

Oh yes. Come to mumma.

Now when I say ‘some chorizo’. We are talking a JP size portion of chorizo. Bravo Rubiki. Number 1, the side gets its own dish which I’m not usually a fan of as it hasn’t been ‘incorporated into the dish’ as you’d hope (i.e. like adding bacon to the wonderful asparagus and kale dish at Tall Timber). BUT when your size is enough chorizo to feed a small army/one JP, I’ll make an exception. Portion control issues were very present with this breakfast. It didn’t disappoint. Good, simple food done so well and great coffee. Can’t ask for much more on a bright sunny morning.

To make us feel better about the mass amount of chorizo, we ordered the fruit salad (yummy yummy) to cleanse the palate/pretend we didn’t just eat several chorizo….chorizi….a gaggle/flock/group/gander/few sausage things.

photo 4

There’s like 12 blueberries! Winning.

Even the damn fruit salad was delicious. Good fruit selection here. None of this ‘we’ll fill it with rock hard honeydew melon and add half a strawb on top. Blueberries, watermelon, PASSSIONFRUIT, rockmelon, and the aforementioned honeydew, ‘cept even that was tasty. Accompanied by some lovely Greek yoghurt, it was a great brekky dessert. Yep it’s a thing. Look it up. Create a hashtag if you like.

Battling with our forks to spear the last blueberry was also entertaining. Until it missed both of our forks and landed on the ground and slowly rolled away. Bye bye Bleub’s. That was his name.

Now I’ve got Bye Bye Bye in my head. You know it. (don’t wanna be a fool for you, just another player in your game for two)…aw those lyrics kinda work in this situation.
nsync copy

You can thank me later.

Oh dear I need a coffee.

Will definitely be back and hey Rubiki, you might be my new local. Get some more chairs out the front and we will have some serious group brekkys in the sunshine.


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2 thoughts on “Rubiki. Like Rafiki. But not.

  1. I tried to go here a few weeks back, but couldn’t find it! I thought it was in the range of street facing shops, but I think it is in behind the shopping centre?

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