Circa. Cheer-kah. Yep you got it. Kinda.

As if I needed another reason to eat more food. Well when hunting for reception venues, and with food as a priority (derrr), that had to happen. So sounding like a spoilt brat, I wanted the best of the best when it came to food. Ridic produce, melt in your mouth satisfaction. Mhm. I knew where to go. Circa, St Kilda.

Whilst inspecting The Deck at Circa, we of course decided to stay for lunch and eat more food than any human needs to consume. But hey, this is my version of the wedding diet. Fiance and myself ventured there with my parentals and his parentals for an afternoon of brilliant food, delish wine and oh so much cheese.

The service was fantastic and he even put up with my “hmmm….what’s better X or Y?” questions for each course. Yep, I’m one of those people. But hey, they know the food, so why not ask! I would eat a piece of cardboard so it’s a pretty safe bet that  I will finish whatever is put in front of me.

First up was entree. Oh yes, I had to say entree came first in case you got confused for some reason and though entree came last. Wow it’s only Tuesday and my brain is having a moment. Ignore that ramble on focus on the food, JP.


Smoked quail w. parsnip, vanilla + barberries 

Papabear and I went with the same quail dish and I would have had massive food envy if I hadn’t ordered it! Quail was cooked to perfection. Ha sorry really bad Masterchef call there. Wasn’t sure about the vanilla flavour initially, but it worked really well and definitely could have eaten the rest of the flock.



Spanner crab w. black barley + crayfish emulsion

Fiance umm’d and ahh’d and finally went with the spanner crab with black barley. When it first hit the table, he seemed to think he’d ordered the wrong thing. But the dish that disappeared in about 30 seconds said otherwise! And in case you were wondering, the spanner crab is buried under the black barley. This dish also looked incredible on the black plate. Totally want black crockery now, but then I think I would have to put squid ink on everything to make it look perty….imagine.

Papabear was in charge of the wine bible and he did oh so, so well. Beautiful red throughout the meal. Bravo sir.


BBQ King Prawns with…hmm…I can’t remember

Very sorry but I can’t remember what accompanied the King prawns on this dish as it was a special for the day and not on the usual menu. Mumma, Mumma-in-law and Papa-in-law all chose this dish and what a cracker it was. I had a teeny taste and yep, somehow it had that fantastic BBQ flavour with the light accompaniments. Mhhhm. Those prawnies had it goin’ on.

The conversation was flowing through all the wedding talk and I’m sure Fiance and the other gentlemen at the table were super enthralled in the flower colour discussion and the secret talk about the dress that will all be revealed next year. Woop woop!

Mains came rolling through and I had been promised one of the “best steaks you’ve ever eaten”, so the bar was high. Like Aaron Sandilands high. Ha bringing in the footy ref to food. Oh yeh, that just happened.


Robbins Island short rib w. celeriac + lovage 

And there she is. What a beauty. Salivating and I have just finished dinner. Duah. Second dinner, ahoy! Papabear and I ended up choosing the same main as well and boy did that pay off. Absolutely amazing. Ermagherd. Just had to push the knife on it and it you could slice through. Bloody beautiful. And yes, we had no idea what lovage was either. Fun to say though.

In case you were wondering, it’s a herb. Lovage Levisticum officinale, is a tall perennial plant, the sole species in the genus Levisticum in the family Apiaceae, subfamily Apioideae, tribe Apieae. You get that? Ok to translate…

The leaves can be used in salads, or to make soups or season broths, and the roots can be eaten as a vegetable or grated for use in salads. Its flavor and smell is somewhat similar to celery.

Now I am one of those people that only thinks celery takes good when you have a bit of celery with your Peanut Butter….mmm….but it was a great compliment to the rich steak and celeriac puree.


Wagyu hanger w. burnt onions + truffle mustard

Mumma bear was super impressed with her hanger too. I think she had a bit of food envy about our melty short rib, but her burnt onions lifted the steak so nicely. mmmm. steak. *drool*


Roasted duck w. pear, chestnut + red endive 

Circa seemed to like hiding their protein, oooh peak-a-boo its a ducky! The roast duck dish that Papa-in-law ordered looked like it was going to be packed full of flavour and it game through with the goods. Big fan of endive or radicchio in everything as well, so that got bonus points from me.


Murray Cod w. pine mushrooms + jerusalem artichokes 

You don’t often see Murray Cod on a menu, so Mama-in-law jumped on this delish dish. And although it wasn’t the most visually appealing dish initially, the flavour was fantastic and she was raving about it. Listening to everyone rave about their food just makes my foodie choices for ze wedding so much harder! gah. NO CLUE. 1 of everything? yehhh.

So once again, it was time for the 2nd tummy to kick in and one word had caught my eye from the beginning of the meal. Doughnut. Mmmm. Homer Simpson tendency is apparently hidden in my belly.


Pumpkin doughnut w. buttermilk, pepitas + chestnut 

When it came to the table, I was the luckiest girl in St Kilda. It looked spectacular and definitely deserved the 20 or so photos I took with my camera…and then the extra 20 I took with my phone. Pfft, yes, this was definitely Insty worthy.

UNFORTUNATELY, the flavour didn’t live up to the appearance. The pumpkin puree inside was delicious and well seasoned but the doughnut itself lacked a lot of flavour and was a little too heavy. Very disappointing. But then again, lucky as I probably would have put it on the wedding menu, and it won’t be going on there now.


Chocolate mousse w. strawberry + toasted meringue 

Fiance and his mother dearest both went with the chocolate mousse dish and it looked and tasted oh so, so good. Had major food envy after my doughnut that didn’t taste like a doughnut. Mm I want that chocolate mousse right nowwww.

So…because we hadn’t had enough to eat already (pfft), we had to choose some cheese from the ridiculously beautiful cheese display. Just take a look at it. It was sooo good. Except I didn’t really like the little oat cakes. Not my bag.



Overall a brilliant long, long lunch and although the doughnut didn’t stack up, the rest of the food was oh so amazing. I cannot wait to have our wedding there. I might just have my dress made bigger so I can fit more food in. Yep, that’s my style.

Circa. You awesome.



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