Uniting at Union Dining

So when you pack up your life and move interstate, it’s always a reason to celebrate with the fam comes to visit. A few weeks back, two of my sisters decided to venture to the land of the flu and indulge in their body weight in food. Plus more.


One of our stops was Union Dining in Richmond. I’d ventured here once before and had high hopes. Firstly, amazing service. Our lovely waiter looked like the perfect grandma. Not commenting on her age! But I could definitely see her bringing fresh baked cookies to your place. And when you’re eye height with someone when you’re sitting down, and she’s standing up, you can’t help but say ‘nawww’.

‘Twas a very busy night in the restaurant and the place was buzzing which is always a great sign. With the brilliant Nicky Reimer at the helm, we knew we were in good hands. Well, I did anyway. The other 3 had no idea who that was and I just looked like a sad, sad foodie when I tried to see her by peeking through the pass…..awkward. moving on.

Bread. delicious. Obsessed with bread. Ate too much bread.


Look at that crispy/fluffy goodness. mmmm.

First up, I ordered Cobia. A kingfish-like fishy that I hadn’t tried previously so thought I would give it a crack. Unfortunately the taste of the fish wasn’t my bag, but the accompanying radishes and celeriac remoulade was delish.

IMG_1589Cured North Queensland Cobia, celeriac remoulade, radishes & grissini.

Not sure what it was about the Cobia that didn’t take my fancy, but unfortunately it did deter me from the dish.

Ma fiance/AT, being the crazy seafood lover, went with the King Prawns that made your mouth water as soon as they hit the table.


Sauteed Mooloolaba King Prawns, Roast Vegie deliciousness.

Visiting sister numero uno, BP, had been waiting to have fresh pasta for a couple of days and so she couldn’t go past the pappardelle. My have type of pasta. As long as it’s done well and cooked to perfection. And yep, they did it oh so well.


Pappardelle, Flinders Lamb shoulder ragu, olives, ricotta salata.

Had definite food envy over that dish. Looove italian food. Ok I know, I love all food. But italian food, spesh good pasta has it’s own special plate in my heart. Ha good one, JP.

AP, the youngest of the diners, not sure why that’s important, but hey, let’s go with it, had never had steak tartare so that was her pick. And it did indeed look like a good one.


Steak tartare, watercress, pickled cauliflower, capers, potato gaufrettes.

Aside from the Cobia, all meals were demolished in record time so that’s a pretty good indication that something was working! Our lovely pretend-relative of a waiter was brilliant all night and she was a great help when choosing mains.

Unfortunately a little kitchen glitch left us waiting….and waiting….and waiting for mains, and when another waiter accidentally gave our wine to another table, it did create a bit of a speed bump. But once mains arrived, we were all back on track. and hungry.

At relative-waiter’s recommendation, I went with the snapper and it was delicious. AP totes copied me. So we were the food envy of the table. High five. Crispy skin, delicious flesh and clammy clams that I could have eaten a bucketload of.


Bay caught snapper, diamond clams and pearl barley with an escabeche vinaigrette.

Fiancé/AT went with the duck, roast leg and breast and I think he was wanting to eat the entire flock after demolishing his main. Only negative would probably be the portion size. But then again, I have ridiculous portion control issues and so it’s a safe bet that my fiancé suffers from the same issue.


Roast duck leg and breast, picked Medjool date, juice, glazed turnips.


Fancy photo with backward writing. ooooh.

Unfortunately have no snaps of the BP’s main meal. Assume that is because she ate it too fast. That is a likely outcome. She’s related to me. It could happen.

As a “sorry we made you wait for ages” pressie, we each got a blackberry sorbet. Which was…well….super sweet. So sweet in fact that not one of us finished. Oh wait, fiancé finished his. And mine as well.

Dessert time. Yep. Once again that different stomach had it’s role to play.


Cheesus. Twas ridic. Ah yum. Drooling.


The. Apple. Frangipane Tart. With butterscotch sure. Get ready to drool.

So the sisters and I managed to convince Fiancé that he wanted dessert, specifically the apple frangipane tart. Thus letting us look like the three who would just have a bit of cheese, but secretly wanting to demolish the tart instead. I’m sure he got at least one bite of his dessert. Maybe. Fantastic way to finish.

Overall a great night with the fam and fiancé. Few hiccups with the wine mixup and the longgg wait for mains. So, Nicky & Union, I’ll give you a 7.5.

Apparently the sunday lunch is the deal of the century so I will def be back to give that a crack.

Nice work Union.


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