Cecconis. Bortolotto Brilliance.

Mio dio, mamma mia, uffa. Ridiculous italian food. I have found you. (Sound that angel noise).

So yes for those who have read ma blog a bit, italian food has a special place in my stomach. It probably has a special stomach all for itself. Yeh that’s a thing.

Since moving to Melbs a few years back now, I was yet to be blown away by delicious italian food. I mean, I’ve tasted the best in Italy (yep sorry for the knob-ish comment…) and now I have found it in Melbs. Fantastic news for me. Not so good for the expanding waistline that needs to wear a wedding gown in less than a year. Ha oh yes I through in the recent engagement note into the blog right there. Don’t worry, I don’t know what a diet is, so I will continue to eat. ALOT. prior to the big day. ANYWAY let’s get back to the food of the moment, Cecconi’s.

I was invited by the lovely Maria and her family to sample the foodie goodness in their Restaurant on Flinders Lane. And no I will show no bias in this blog. They really are THAT good.


Photo of the menu…so arty. naaat.

So on this, freaking freezing, Friday Night AT/Fiance and I were seated at a fantastic table with a great view of the pass (foodporn ahoy!). We had fantastic service the entire evening. Right from the get go they wanted to please, create a great atmosphere and make sure everyone dining would have a brilliant evening.


Arty beer shot by AT. Cool label.

I was attempting to practice my italian with the waiter but his english-italian was just so damn distracting! In a good way. I’m now trying to teach fiance how to speak english with an italian accent. Saaa adorable.

IMG_1525Olives. Bread. Olive Oil. Staple diet.

After perusing the menu I was torn between about 16 dishes….ok I wanted the entire menu, but after the waiter’s recommendation I went with the rabbit ravioli and ermagherd/mio dio, I am OH SO glad i did. Hands down. The best pasta I have had in Melbourne. Hey, probs the best pasta I’ve ever had. Al dente, beautiful filling…ahh I am salivating right now thinking about it. The smell as soon as it hit the table was perfection. I know I sound like a Masterchef judge using random descriptive terms, but you should try it. Trust me.


Rabbit Ravioli, Cime di rapa, Creme Fraiche, Chives & Parmesan

Ridiculously delicious. I can’t think of any other words to describe the party that was going on in my mouth with that amazing dish. Bravo bravo bravo.

Fiance was finding it a little harder to choose as like me, he wants it all. Our lovely waiter from Puglia (sorry sorry can’t remember his name, but I hope you get treated to his lovely service when you go!) described the few specials and they won over fiance. So along came dish numero uno for him, Duck & Mushroom Risotto.


Duck and Mushroom Risotto.

Apologies for the blurry photo. It was the only chance I had to get in there before he attacked me with his fork. It tasted so smooth and was everything a risotto should be. A whole lot of YUM.

I started with a great Prosecco and  fell in love with the glasses as well. And as you can see below, the drinks trio of the evening was a pretty sight. Pinot, Prosecco and my good friend San Pellegrino. P party! You’re invited.


The three P’s.

It was soon time for the main attraction and I was once again led by the waiter’s recommendation as my (lack of) decision making skills were in full swing that evening. I went with the, rather large, Veal Cotoletta with an Apple and cabbage salad which complimented it sooo well. I could have had a massive bowl of the salad. The Veal was cooked very well with delicious crumb. Gah, I’m salivating again.


Check out that bad boy. Veal Cotoletta with Apple & Cabbage Salad.

Safe to say, I demolished that thing without hesitation. Juicy meat, crispy crumb. Mhhhm. The lemon was also appreciated. Coz hey they’re a match made in heaven. Just like Kanye West and his love for Kanye West. Ok I can’t claim that as my own. Saw it on insty. But hey, brilliant work by that person.

Fiance was once again swayed by the specials and went with the Lamb Shoulder with Lamb belly…I think. Let’s just say it was a lot of lamby goodness and he was in hog heaven.


LAMB. Enough said.

I tried a little morsel of this perfection and it was just melt in the mouth. I am pretty sure fiance was daydreaming about this for a few days. Fantastic dish and he wants on the menu permanently! I also can’t speak more highly of the service throughout the night. I’ve had many a good night dampened by bad service and this was just impeccable. Bravo. Again.

So yes we had both pigged out ridiculously but pfft it was dessert time. (cue the ‘hhhoooraaay!!’)

So many delicious options on the menu, so naturally we wanted as many as possible, so the dessert tasting plate was the go. Let’s go for the close ups!


Walnut Pavlova, Lemon Custard, Caramelised Nuts & Apple Sorbetto


Caramel Mousse, Shortbread, Pecan Butterscotch, & Brandy Gelato


White chocolate & Early Grey Pannacotta, Blondie & Fior Di Latte Gelato.

Fantastic desserts. As expected after the other brilliant meals. I think all three had disappeared before the lovely Puglia waiter had put it on the table. For another angle for you, check out the dessert boards that could compete with the best of the best.


The dessert tasting plate.

Overall such a fun, enjoyable, fantastic evening and I will definitely be returning to Cecconi’s as soon as my stomach is ready for another feast. I have also purchased their cookbook La Tavola Della Famiglia and I am so excited to get my italian cooking on!

Grazie mille Cecconi’s. Era una sera meravigliosa.


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