Down the rabbit hole…into Docklands

Tuesday morning. Jack frost was nipping on our heels and I was off to the wind tunnel of Melbs. Aka the edge of Docklands. Why you ask? Well I was late, late, for a very important date. Ok no I was actually on time but I am trying to be hilarious and make as many links to Alice in Wonderland as possible. I’ll stop soon I promise.

I was invited by De Mad Hatter and Harvey PR to check out the brekky at the cafe. I was to join Melbs’ elite (food bloggers) and drink a hell of a lot of cawfee in a couple of hours. And I succeeded. I think I’m still buzzing from the two long blacks I had. Bravo on the coffee De Mad Hatter, that was chesire-iffic. (ha chesire…like the creepy cat? Oh JP, you hi-larious thing, you.)


Oh yes. We had name tags. We ARE important.

Had a chat to a couple of bloggers. One of which I found bizarrely familiar and later it hit me that she was on The Mole! Didn’t disclose this knowledge at the time as I am quite sure I was one of the 5 people in Australia who watched the Mole for a total of about 5 minutes. She was lovely though! Do believe she’s a link to a fantastic blog Sharking for Chips & Drinks. So there you go. Bloggers ARE cool. They’re on the mole.


Arty photo.

Everyone was taking photos so I thought I should too. Liked the tulips and the themes of the tables. Also, apparently the vase is known as a ‘bomb vase’ in the industry…not sure I’m ok with that. Anyhoo back to the cafe. After everyone had taken random arty or not so arty photos of the caf, our starter was served with a spiel from De Mad Hatter Manager. They are linked to Jack and the Beanstalk (see the theme??) and the low ceilings were a link to the reason why the Alice in Wonderland theme stuck. SO beware tall people. That ceiling looked solid and probably not a nice surprise for the forehead.


Berrylicious Bircher.

Our starter was definitely the highlight of the meal. A well balanced berry bircher. Yoghurt wasn’t too sweet and balanced well with the coulis and fresh berries. Good portion size too. I know I like my portions…large….but this was juuuust right for bircher. Oh yes she just through in a Goldilocks reference for good measure.

Everyone loves breakfast. So when it’s a two course breakfast that is even better. There were three choices being – breakfast bruschetta, ricotta pancakes, the DMH Special and the corn fritters….with bacon. Safe to say I went with the one that included bacon…so I didn’t have to ask for it to be added to the other dishes. Gah bacon, why you so damn tasty. Now I am thinking of Bertie’s butcher bacon and I’m drooling. The dog is looking at me doing that side tilt with his head….probably wondering why mummy is drooling over her computer. Ahem, back to the rabbit hole.


Corn Fritters, Tomato chutney, Avo & Bacon. mmm bacon.

I have had some awesome corn fritters around Melbs and must admit this wasn’t up there with the best. With the chutney/sauce on top of the fritters, they had become a touch soggy and maybe needed a bit more corn. Hope that doesn’t sound corny. Ha. oh that was bad. The bacon was fine as well. Just needed a bit more time on the pan. sizzle sizzle. Overall, a decent brekky and will def go back to give those ricotta pancakes a crack.

A lovely way to start the working day and so good to meet other people who embarrass their friends by moving the items on the table to create  a good photo. Sort of like those girls that take so long to get ready to look like they didn’t even try. We move stuff on the table so much to take a relaxed photo to make it look like it was all there by accident. Get my drift?

So if you are STILL reading this ramble. 1. I thank you. 2. Check out De Matter for their great coffee and their lunch time salads are deeeelicious. Fair prices too!

Overall a lovely morning, with a few niggly bits.


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